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Our inspiration for creating a line of baby products goes back to our roots as a company. When Nova first began formulating body care products in her family’s kitchen, it was to protect the sensitive skin of her baby daughter, Paige. The harsh chemicals so often found in conventional options irritated Paige’s sensitive skin, so Nova, an avid herbalist, turned to natural remedies and botanicals that would be both effective and gentle on her daughter’s skin. Because of this pillar in our company’s history, it seemed only natural that we would someday introduce a line specifically created for babies and the needs of extra-delicate skin. And while the need for sunscreen that was safe for people and our coral reefs became an immediate priority for us as a young company, we’ve circled back to where it all began with our Baby Bath and Body line, a collection of gentle formulas featuring organic plant-based ingredients to soothe, nourish and protect.  

The Significance of the Whales Icon 

BBB iconAs we care for our babies and become mindful parents, we often begin to be more conscious of choosing gentler ingredients that are safe for our little ones and leave a minimal impact on Mother Earth. The mother and baby whales on our packaging act as a reminder of all we have in common with the world’s other inhabitants, and that it’s our responsibility to be good stewards and leave a healthy world to the next generation. To help us accomplish this, Goddess Garden Founder, Nova, created Protect Our Mother, an ocean preservation foundation focused on preserving and restoring ocean mammal habitats and protecting vital habitat zones like coral reefs and kelp forests. A portion of the proceeds from our Baby Bath and Body line will go to supporting this foundation and its work in environmental preservation. 

With Goddess Garden, you can care for your baby and be mindful of the environment at the same time. Goddess Garden’s Baby Bath and Body line was created precisely with both causes in mind. Our products use only effective ingredients that are safe for even the most sensitive skin, while also being gentle on the planet.