Top five blog posts for 2017

What a great year! In 2017, we gave our facial care products a makeover, doubled the number of stores that carry our sunscreens and took on the mystery ingredients that are hidden in fragrances by offering a line of essential oil perfumes with the ingredients clearly listed. It was an exciting and busy year. We’re still catching up on our blog reading and we bet you are, too. In case you missed it, here are our top blog posts for 2017!

  1. What Is Avobenzone and Is It Safe in Sunscreen? 

Avobenzone is relatively safe in terms of toxicity, but breaks down fast in the sun requiring no-so-safe chemical stabilizers. Learn how minerals offer natural, broad-spectrum sun protection that won’t break down in the sun!

  1. Homosalate: What Is it and Is It Safe in Sunscreen?

Homosalate is in 45-percent of all sunscreens in the U.S., but it breaks down into harmful byproducts. It’s also readily absorbed, where it messes with your endocrine system. It can even take other harmful toxins with it! See what homosalate does to the body and learn what you can use instead!

  1. Rethink Retinol with a Proven Natural Wrinkle Remedy!

Looking for a natural wrinkle remedy? Under the Sun Hydrating Serum and Face the Day Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 showed a 23-percent reduction in wrinkles, when used together, after just 90 days! Learn how they work!

  1. Sunblock vs. Sunscreen

Sunscreen, sunblock and suntan lotion aren’t interchangeable terms! To avoid burns and other sun damage, it pays to learn your lingo! See the differences and to learn what is best for you.

  1. Essential Oils for Laughter and Levity!

Essential oils can lift your spirits higher if you’re already happy and pull you out of a funk if you aren’t. Discover the best essential oils for laughter!

Here’s to a wonderful 2018! We’re glad you’re on our path.

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