Tips for a Clean, Green Home

Often, the path toward choosing a more natural lifestyle is a trigger. For our Founder, Nova, her biggest trigger—and the one that inspired her to start a company—was her daughter’s allergies to synthetic chemicals in common bodycare products. Unfortunately, her daughter’s allergies didn’t stop at bodycare. She was also suffering reactions to cleansers and even the chemicals in their carpet. For her daughter’s sake, they had to create a clean, green home!

Other people might be inspired to create a green home from a food allergy or a health scare. For them, the toward a clean lifestyle starts at the grocery store. We truly are what we eat, so it makes sense to start by choosing healthy foods. Wherever your journey starts, it usually takes a few twists and turns before it gets to all areas of your life. I started with food, branched out to body products, then looked at my cleaning cabinet. I was eating organic carrots but didn’t consider the chemicals I used on my skin or inhaled when I cleaned. Weird? Yes, but this isn’t uncommon. Because something is causing us to pay more attention, we focus on that, often overlooking other aspects of life.

Every step gets you closer to a clean, green home

If you’re trying to live a cleaner lifestyle, first, get over the notion of being perfect. Forgive yourself if you ate processed foods but used organic soap. It’s okay if you used chemical cleaning supplies while being devoted to avoiding GMOs. Every little bit counts, so pat yourself on the back for every step you’ve taken!

Tips for an eco-friendly green home

Here’s more good news. If you’ve already made some changes to your daily routine, it’s easier to incorporate other changes into your home—maybe in ways you didn’t even think of! Our friends at Arhaus, for example, with their dining sets made from reclaimed wood, create sustainable furniture for our homes, while protecting the forests outside. They made some extra steps within their business that are making a big impact, so we’re passing along the inspiration! We compared notes and developed some tips that are quick, easy, and will make a big difference as well. Perhaps you can incorporate some of these changes into your regular routine!

Ways to make your home environmentally friendly

More ways to keep chemicals out of your home

Want to do even more? The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently sent out their Healthy Living Home Guide that highlights some areas you may have overlooked. Our home should be our sanctuary. Let’s all work together to create a green home and make it a truly safe place!

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