Our organic essential oils would make the “grade,” should there ever be a test.

There’s no formally approved grading standard used throughout the essential oil industry. There’s no government agency or organization, like the FDA, that grades or certifies essential oils as “therapeutic,” “medicinal” or “aromatherapy” grade in the U.S.

Perhaps there should be, but that’s not up to us.

What is up to us is making sure our oils are pure and potent—and being crystal clear about everything with our customers. The easiest way to do that is to offer certified organic oils—guaranteed pure by a third-party regulating industry with very specific, consistent standards.

The terms “therapeutic grade” and “aromatherapy trade” are simply marketing terms, presumably developed to help consumers and clarify a complicated product. Aromatherapists use the terms to differentiate the active constituents in the oil to guarantee they are effective. We do multiple tests to ensure our oils’ therapeutic constituents are at the right levels. We test to ensure they are pure and unadulterated and that each has the chemical compounds we want. We also think the term “organic,” and the certification that backs it up, is simply easier to understand and easier to trust—no added research required!