The Benefits of Gratitude

Everyone knows we love the sunshine, so we get it when the gray days of February turn your mood the same shade. While you can’t rush the spring, you can always color your days with a little gratitude! There are lots of benefits of gratitude. Being grateful for someone or something can even have a physical payoff for you.[i] Did you know feelings of gratitude can boost serotonin and dopamine?[ii] There’s always something to be grateful for—we just have to look!

 “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” -Author unknown

Frankinscense essential oilCultivate Gratitude—Make it Your Mantra

When winter starts to get you down, try starting your work day with a two-minute e-mail praising co-workers for a job well done. End the day on a gracious note—literally—by writing something you’re grateful for and placing it in a jar. Keep your gratitude jar handy for days when you need a little extra help!

Inspire Gratitude with Essential Oils

It’s hard to be grateful when you’re feeling uneasy or negative. You’re too busy trying to remedy the situation, even if you know gratitude is what you need to turn your gray skies blue. That’s where frankincense comes in. Frankincense is most known for bringing about feelings of positivity and peace. That truly is a gift—and it makes it easier to be grateful. Frankincense has long been treasured for its healing and soothing powers. Recent evidence has linked its aromatherapy benefit to pain management. Frankincense can calm the mind and slow the breath, making it ideal to aid in meditation. It can even boost creativity and induce feelings of joy all its own, and it makes it even easier to enjoy the benefits of gratitude!

Essential Oil Blends for Gratitude

We couldn’t be more thankful for frankincense. It’s the perfect oil for gathering gratitude, plus it blends beautifully with some of our other favorites.

Blend #1

Blend #2

Diffuse frankincense alone, or try either of the above blends to help you focus on the positive things in your life. Then, thank someone for it. And, of course, thank you for reading this blog and giving my own serotonin and dopamine a boost!

Frankincense essential oil

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