Happy Earth (and Water) Day!

“Earth” is defined as the planet we live on. It also means the substance of the land surface or the soil

Have you ever wondered why we refer to the soil as “earth” when in fact, 71-percent of the Earth is covered in water? It’s kind of a head scratcher, but it really highlights the idea of “out of sight, out of mind,” doesn’t it?

The oceans hold about 96-percent of all that water, but unless you live near them or get to visit often, we rarely think about them. But we should.

Beyond being beautiful, the oceans host life for one-million species, with a scientific possibility of nine-million more species yet to be discovered.(i) That means we’ve only begun to learn what the ocean has to offer.

Did you know an enzyme used by corals to protect themselves from disease is actually used to treat asthma, arthritis and other inflammatory disorders? Blue-green algae is used to treat melanoma and small-cell lung cancer.(ii)The oceans affect people everywhere, whether we get to gaze at their beauty or not. What secrets do the oceans hold? And more importantly, what would happen if the life within them disappears?

There are many issues affecting the oceans and the reefs in particular. The reefs provide homes to 25-percent of all marine life, so they’re particular important—and particularly at risk since they are disappearing twice as fast as the rainforests! (iii) (iv) Luckily, we can help!

What is Goddess Garden doing?

A lot! Common chemical sunscreens are big contributors to the destruction of the reefs. The chemicals awaken a latent virus in the algae the reefs depend on, ultimately killing both the algae and the reef. That then harms the the 25-percent of sea life that use the reefs for protection, and the life that depended on that life for food, and so on and so forth until the effects are felt back on the soil.

Every single bottle of reef-safe sunscreen keeps enough harmful chemicals out of the water to save 250 million gallons of water from contamination! Beyond that, we have donated directly to organizations like REEF.org and The Ocean First Institute . We’ve also taken it a step further and established the Protect Our Mother Foundation to generate funds for organizations that foster healthy reefs and oceans, and educate the public on the dangers facing this fragile ecosystem.

What can you do?

A lot! And, no, it’s not the usual “it all adds up” kind of way. The damage adds up one person at a time—and it will take that same one-at-a-time approach to reverse it— but one person’s small steps, like choosing reef-safe sunscreen, can have an immediate and lasting effect!

On Earth Day, and all year long, take a few minutes to think about the Earth beyond the soil. Remember, we can all make a difference by keeping in mind the very thing that makes our little blue planet blue—the oceans!

Happy Earth (and Water) Day!

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