Welcome to Goddess Garden! We began making natural sunscreen and body products for our daughter after she had serious reactions to common chemicals in her skincare products. Along the way, we learned a lot about synthetic chemicals and how they affect people and the planet. Check out some of the things that inspire us!

The Chemical Story

Eliminating harsh chemicals was our top priority for our daughter. Learn about the common toxic chemicals that may be hiding in your skincare.

  • What Is Oxybenzone and Why Is It in Sunscreen? – Oxybenzone is a very common allergen. This toxic chemical wreaks havoc on hormones and wrecks coral reefs. So why is it still in many sunscreens?
  • What Is Octinoxate and Is It Safe in Sunscreen? – Octinoxate is often found in “natural” sunscreens, but it’s made by combining sulfuric acid a petroleum by-product. That’s anything but natural!
  • Side Effects of Retinol – Retinol is the most sought after ingredient for treating aging skin, but its side effects put it on list after list of ingredients we should avoid. Why the disconnect?

The Reef Story

Reefs are disappearing twice as fast as rainforests! While many things affect them, chemical sunscreens are toxic to reefs and easy to avoid by using natural mineral sunscreen.

The Goddess Garden Story

Goddess Garden is a team of family, friends and neighbors, all working together to make life a little easier and a lot safer for everyone. Get to know us!

  • Our Story – Follow Founders Nova and Paul through their journey to protect their daughter, then Mother Earth and her inhabitants!
  • How I Did It – Creating Goddess Garden – What does it take to start a multi-million dollar sunscreen company? Nova will walk you through it!
  • Our Team – Now that you know Nova and Paul, meet the rest of the “Gardeners” who are cultivating safer products!