Rethink Retinol with a Proven Natural Wrinkle Remedy!

No one wants wrinkles—least of all me! And I’m not a 20-something who can preach the dangers of each wrinkle remedy because I don’t have wrinkles to start with. I see the allure of these products, but all of us at Goddess Garden—no matter our age or gender—feel the time has come to take a stand against harsh, so-called “anti-aging” treatments. That’s why our founder, Nova Covington, created our Daily Facial Routine as a natural wrinkle remedy. Since the sun causes wrinkles and other signs of premature aging, we felt if you repaired the damage, you’d repair the wrinkles. And test results back this up!

Get rid of wrinkles

We want them gone, and Goddess Garden Sun Repair is a natural wrinkle remedy that really works! A 90-day independent evaluation had participants use Under the Sun Hydrating Vitamin Serum and Face the Day Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer together every day. Every single participant noted dramatic results in the depth of wrinkles! After 45 days, wrinkle depth was reduced by more than 10%. After 90 days, wrinkle depth was reduced by more than 23%.

How wrinkles are measured

Our own critical eyes are pretty accurate every morning in the mirror, but there is a more scientific way to measure wrinkles. For our evaluation, wrinkles were measured using a Visioscan®. A Visioscan® is a high-resolution video camera created specifically to study the surface of the skin. A special ring-shaped light evenly illuminates the skin, revealing the wrinkles and dryness that are symptoms of premature aging from sun damage. The images captured by the Visioscan® reveal the structure of the skin. Wrinkles show up as a dark contrast, and dryness and scaling show up as brighter spots.[i]

For our evaluation, each participant had a Visioscan® before they used our products, and the wrinkle depth was measured. Their skin was scanned and measured again after using our products together daily for 45 days. A final measurement was taken again at the end of the 90-day study, showing wrinkle depth improved by nearly a quarter after using our natural wrinkle remedy. Imagine what that would look like in the mirror! Plus, the results compound. There was a 10% wrinkle reduction after 45 days, and a 23% wrinkle reduction after 90 days. Think about what your skin would look like after a year!

Retinol-like results from natural ingredients

Many of us eat organic foods, and use organic soaps and lotions. We use essential oils instead of synthetic air fresheners. Then we see wrinkles and reach for retinol. I’ve heard people say, “At least it’s not plastic surgery!” That just shows results are key when it comes to facial care. But, like most things, nature really does it better. And nature is a lot more gentle than harsh chemicals like retinol. Maybe retinol isn’t the best wrinkle cream. Maybe it’s time to rethink retinol and be kind to your skin with a natural wrinkle remedy instead!

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