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Going Green Starts by Thinking Blue

We live on a blue planet. Protecting Mother Earth means protecting the ocean! The ocean is the world’s second-largest ecosystem, making up 71-percent of the Earth’s surface and producing as much as 85-percent of the world’s oxygen. Even if we don’t see the ocean every day, it’s in nearly every other breath we take. Let’s protect it!

As an ocean preservation foundation, Protect Our Mother (POM) is focused on preserving and restoring our oceans and ocean mammals by protecting vital habitats like coral reefs and kelp forests.

Mission Possible

The ocean is big and so are our goals, and we can do this! Every positive difference starts with first steps. POM will be aimed at protection, legislation and climate balance.

ProtectionWhale Family

Marine Animal Spotting Program: This program will alert oncoming ships whenever there is a pod of ocean mammals in their path to protect them from vessel strikes. Our first spotting program will be in collaboration with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and will serve as a pilot program for California and other marine sanctuaries. There will be a community component, so people can share local whale sightings and ocean mammal experiences in the marine sanctuary.

Governor-Ige_Nova-Covington_Hawaii-Sunscreen-Ban copyLegislation

Ban Chemical Sunscreens in California: Hawaii recently passed a state-wide ban on chemical sunscreens oxybenzone and octinoxate to protect critical ocean habitat including coral reefs. California, with its 12,145 square miles of marine protected areas[i], is slated to be next. POM Foundation will support legislation limiting chemical sunscreens in California and other Marine Sanctuaries. POM will generate campaign support, engage in sampling and lobbying efforts, provide data collection and raise awareness on the impact of chemical sunscreens on ocean health and human and reproductive health.

Learn about the ban and how chemicals sunscreens affect reefs


Climate BalanceOscar the Otter

Sea Otter Program: This program is aimed at climate balancing by increasing the plant life in the ocean that oxygenates our air and sequesters carbon. Sea urchin populations have grown, unchecked, and are depleting kelp forests. The urchin’s main predators, sea otters, have been missing from the area, causing the ecosystem to be out of balance. Otter populations have been brought back from near extinction in the Monterey Bay area. By moving some rescued and/or abandoned sea otters to the north coast of California and Southern Oregon—an area with an abundant food source—the otters can continue to repopulate, while also helping control the urchin population, to restore a natural balance.


Protect Our Mother Logo