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Goddess Garden – Sport SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Stick – Sensitive Skin, Reef Safe, Sheer Zinc, Titanium, Water Resistant, Non-Nano, Vegan, Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free – .6 oz.


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  • SPF 50
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Water Resistant 80 Minutes
  • Mineral Sunscreen for Sports: Our gentle and effective lotion formula is safe for Sensitive Skin, Ultra Sheer, Dry Touch.
  • This Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen helps prevent sunburns and decreases the risk of early skin aging that’s caused by the sun.
  • Reef-safe non-nano zinc offers powerful broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Soothing and effective formula is ultra-sheer, easy to apply, unscented, sweat and water resistant for 80 minutes.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Gentle unscented mineral formula is safe for sensitive skin, but, keeps you covered, even when you’re working hard.
  • Organic plant-based ingredients (coconut oil and shea butter) nourish and soothe sensitive skin.
  • Non-nano and biodegradable formula.
  • Tips for Application: Begin with moisturized skin. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure, cover small area of skin at a time. If it’s still white, keep rubbing! That’s due to the protection the zinc provides. Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating or after drying off with towel.
  • Join the Movement: Our formulas are certified organic, Vegan, Reef Safe and Leaping Bunny certified Cruelty Free. Our formula contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrance. We’re safe for sensitive skin and the environment! We’re dedicated to protecting people and the planet!
  • .6 oz. Face Stick


INACTIVE INGREDIENTS:  Bisabolol, Butyloctyl Salicylate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit 0il, Oryzanol, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) *Certified Organic Ingredient

Begin with moisturized skin.
Cover one small area of skin at a time.
If it’s white, keep rubbing!

Reapply: After 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying, at least every 2 hours.

Children under 6 months of age: ask a doctor.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends SPF 15 every day you leave your house and SPF 30 if you plan to be in the sun most of the day

The FDAWorld Health Organization and the CDC recommend SPF 15 or higher, and to reapply that every two hours.

All of those authorities agree that you should be using a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which protects your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure any sunscreen you buy clearly states that on the bottle.

Goddess Garden product packaging is recyclable.
Simply make sure the bottle is empty and clean, then recycle as normal.
With the sunscreen sprays and sticks, please remove the label prior to recycling.
Different municipalities do have different recycling abilities, so if you’re unsure, check with your local recycling facility.

11 reviews for Sport SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Stick

  1. Morgan jackson

    Worth it!

    We love this product. My children both have very fair and sensative skin, my boy even has eczema, and this is the ONLY sunscreen we have found that they can use without having a reaction.

  2. mrcrooks

    Wanted to like it.

    I really wanted to love this. It was just ok. I much prefer blue lizard sunblock. This one was sticky and very heavy on the scent, which smells a bit like men’s cologne. I don’t hate the scent, just not on my baby daughter’s face. I like the stick applicator but that’s about it. Came with some sample packets of serum and sunblock. Horrible. Made my face so sticky I had to go wash it off after half an hour.

    7 people found this helpful

  3. Veronica

    Great sunscreen

    Very effective and easy to apply. Small and we went through it quick but we will buy it again.

  4. Maria B.

    Good for adults too!

    I use this as a daily facial sunscreen. I keep it in my purse and it has been a lifesaver when I’ve ended up walking around downtown and wanted to put some on my arms and chest too

  5. Amanda Sutton

    Easy application

    It goes on reasonably clear (not totally), but it smells nice, and it reef safe and not full of chemicals. I love that I don’t have to get my hands dirty when I use the stick.

  6. Becky K

    Love this sunscreen stick!

    I have used a few different sunscreen sticks and I love how sheer this goes on…I don’t have to rub it in nearly as much as with other ones. I even use it on my face and no breakouts! It’s easy enough for the kids to use and although it’s a little pricey…with subscribe and save if you plan ahead you can save a little more. I would say it’s worth the price- no sunburns yet and this is our primary sunscreen that we use.

  7. Jojo

    Smells great

    Easy to apply with the stick. It smells really good. It does leave a little white film but it gets less as you rub it in a little.

    One person found this helpful

  8. lovelylovelygold

    Terrible consistency. Does Not glide On.

    Boo. Is like trying to glide a rubber sole over your skin. Such a good idea with terrible consistency. Impossible to use on my kids faces.

  9. SawNSew

    Sun Protection

    Great sun protection without the worrisome chemicals. My two year old granddaughter did very well with it. No allergic reaction. Will continue to purchase Garden Goddess in the future.

  10. Carmen

    The best sunstick available!

    Tried many different brands of sunstick. This one is the best – No heavy scent and glides through easily without streaks! Will be a repeated customer.

  11. SM Louis

    Nice mineral sunscreen

    My kids hate sunscreen. This has made it easier to apply at least. It stays on top of the skin as it is mineral based. It is not supposed to soak into the skin so it leaves a white sheen. We have not had any issues with sunburn so that’s positive. It’s a small stick so I keep one in my purse at all times. The stick rubs on gentle. I tend to hold it to a face for a few seconds before gliding. It seems to warm up and bit and flow easier. Def recommend.

    7 people found this helpful

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Coconut Oil

Featured Ingredient

Found in all our sunscreens, caprylic/capric triglyceride is derived from coconut oil.
At the molecular level, caprylic triglyceride never goes rancid and is completely stable.

This ingredient has a silky feel to it that leaves your skin feeling smooth and non-greasy, and helps disperse the minerals evenly on the skin.

Why Use Mineral Sunscreen

You Eat Natural Foods, So Shouldn’t Your Sunscreen Be Natural, Too?


In today’s world, it seems like we constantly hear messages about “going natural,” but what are the actual benefits of a natural sunscreen?

The conventional sunscreen you have purchased your whole life works just fine at preventing sunburn, but take a look at the ingredients on the bottle of last summer’s sunblock.

If you find ingredients such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, or even isobutane, you may want to consider the purchase of Goddess Garden’s mineral sunscreen instead.


Reef Safe

All Goddess Garden Sunscreens are Reef Safe

Some of the most common chemical sunscreens, oxybenzone and octinoxate, have been linked to the destruction of our coral reefs.

This damage can occur even at very low concentrations of these chemicals in the water.

Because of this, they’ve even been banned in placed like Hawaii, Key West, Bonaire and the Republic of Palau.

Minerals, on the other hand, are reef safe, so do not harm reef environments and the vast life they support.

We never use toxic or harmful chemicals, so all our sunscreens are completely reef-safe! 

Certified Organic

All Goddess Garden ingredients are Certified Organic wherever possible.

Pure minerals offer powerful UV protection, but they can never be considered “organic” ingredients since they’ve never been alive.

This means mineral sunscreens (whether made by Goddess Garden or not) will never be 100% organic. 


Leaping Bunny Certified

By 1996, ‘cruelty-free’ shopping had become popular, but it was also confusing, sometimes misleading, and ultimately frustrating. Companies had begun designing their own bunny logos, abiding by their own definition of ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘animal friendly’ without the participation of animal protection groups.

In response, eight national animal protection groups banded together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo. We work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy.


Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.



Goddess Garden products are recyclable.

Simply make sure the bottle is empty and clean, then recycle as normal.

With the sunscreen sprays and sticks, please remove the label prior to recycling.

Different municipalities do have different recycling abilities, so if you’re unsure, check with your local recycling facility.


Protect Our Mother

Protect Our Mother is an ocean preservation foundation and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Protect Our Mother (POM) is focused on preserving our oceans and restoring habitat, like coral reefs and kelp forests, where whales, dolphins and other marine animals live.

The ocean is big and so are our goals—we can do this!
Every positive difference starts with first steps.
Protect our Mother will be aimed at protection, legislation and climate balance.

Together, we are cooler.

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