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Goddess Garden – Day Undone Softening Night Serum – Sensitive Skin, Certified Organic, Vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Certified B Corp – 1 oz.


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  • Rejuvinate Your Skin: this luxurious, fast-absorbing serum sends nutrients deep into the skin, relieving dryness and promoting a smooth feel and appearance. Baobab, pomegranate and rosehip oils support elasticity and firmness while immortelle oil hydrates your skin after a long day!
  • Moisturize Deeply with Mango Butter: nourishing mango butter delivers intense, non-greasy hydration that soothes dry skin, reduces inflammation, and leaves the skin silky-smooth! It also provides a healthy dose of antioxidants to help your skin recover from sun damage.
  • Prepare for Healing: our night routine cleanses, revitalizes and brightens your skin after each long day. For best results, wind your days down with erase the day purifying clay cleanser, day undone softening night serum and dream repair brightening night cream.
  • Plant Power for Sensitive Skin: we use only ingredients found in nature, such as the nourishing butters, oils and extracts of plants. Because our formulas come from the earth, they’re gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin!
  • Good for people and the planet: when we say that, we really mean it! That’s why Goddess Garden is vegan, leaping bunny certified to be cruelty free, free from parabens and synthetic fragrance, reef-safe, and a certified B corporation
  • 1 oz. Bottle


Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Coconut Alkanes, Squalene, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Beta Vulgaris (Sea Beet) Root Extract, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter*, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Oil*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Mauritia Flexuosa (Buriti) Fruit Oil*, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil*, Arnica Montana (Arnica Flower) Extract*, Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Flower Oil, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Oil*, Glycerin*, Water

*Certified Organic Ingredient


Gently massage onto damp skin.
Rinse and pat dry.
Follow with Goddess Garden Hydrating Vitamin Serum and Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer

Put Your Best Face Forward: our morning routine refreshes, moisturizes and protects your skin so you’re ready for the day ahead!
For best results, start your mornings with fresh start invigorating cream cleanser, under the sun hydrating vitamin serum, bright eyes firming eye cream, and face the day daily SPF 30 moisturizer and firming primer.

Goddess Garden product packaging is recyclable.
Simply make sure the bottle is empty and clean, then recycle as normal.
With the sunscreen sprays and sticks, please remove the label prior to recycling.
Different municipalities do have different recycling abilities, so if you’re unsure, check with your local recycling facility.

13 reviews for Day Undone Softening Night Serum

  1. Amanda J


    This face serum is amazing when you add the other moisturizer with it. I apply it at night and sometimes before I put any makeup on. If you already have oily skin I don’t recommend I would only use the moisturizer not the oil.

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  2. SueZQ

    Love this non-pore-blocking moisturizer

    This may sound crazy to put oil on your face, but it’s a clean, super moisturizer that does not block your pores! This really does help!

    5 people found this helpful

  3. Book lover

    Effective, good ingredients, but not for those sensitive to fragrance

    There is much to like about this sun-repair serum. I really appreciate that it is free of harsh chemicals, propellants, etc. and has an ingredient list consisting of mostly oils that at least appear to be natural. I used it on my face and dry patches on my hands, arms and legs. For me the dryness was eased pretty soon after applying the product, and it didn’t leave a lot of greasy residue. Though this is not a sunscreen, it definitely made the dry skin feel softer and look healthier.The one problem I have with this product is the fragrance. I found it pleasantly sweet but very strong, considering the amount of the product that I was using. For people with sensitivity, this could be a problem. Unfortunate because otherwise, this is really a very nice product.

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  4. jc37

    Gentle and moisturizing

    This is the first Nebraska winter I didn’t get flakey skin. It’s wonderful, gentle enough for sensitive skin. Very moisturizing.

  5. Lalelilolu

    Excellent ingredients, moisturizing, nourishing..

    I sometimes make my own skincare oils, so I really pay attention to ingredients. I was curious about this serum because it has so many skin nourishing ingredients and comes in a cute bottle. All in all, I’m really happy with it. It’s the perfect night time moisturizer for summer. It’s sufficiently moisturizing, and my skin is well hydrated, smooth, and glowing in the morning. I can’t attest to whether it’s repairing sun damage, because I don’t really have any areas that concern me. But what I wanted was something nourishing and hydrating, and this does a great job. My only qualms about it are the scent — there’s a slight hint of vanilla, which I personally don’t like at all. I wish they had left it at lavender, which is more sophisticated. There are also undertones of the evening primrose oil, which has a strong scent of its own, but which is such a great skin nourishing ingredient that I’m ok with it. I would definitely recommend this. For my dry complexion in the summer, two pumps of this after spritzing with a hydrosol is enough for a night time skincare regimen. Very affordably priced too, and I love the cute + convenient packaging.

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  6. Gypsi

    Hated the Fragrance

    This sun repair serum is a seed oil based liquid, which goes on very oily but rubs in completely. It seems to work well with dry skin, but I was only able to use it for three days because the fragrance is just terrible (this is only my personal opinion, mind). It did not break out my sensitive skin. Since I wasn’t able to use it for long, I’m not able to give a detailed review, for which I apologize.

  7. My Honest Reviews

    Best serum for my sensitive skin!

    I love this product. I have very sensitive skin, photo dermatitis and this product helps keep my skin moisturized, no irritations and I use it under an spf 30 moisturizer and my skin looks moisturized al day and I also got the night serum and it’s as good as the day serum.

    5 people found this helpful

  8. granolamum3

    i love this stuff

    i love this stuff!! makes my skin feel amazing, works with my other products and does NOT sting my face or around the eyes at all

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  9. Violaine Gillot


    Absolutely amazing. I’m not the one using oil product really because I am pretty prone to acne. But got a sample, went on vacation and used it. I got hooked the very first night. It’s smells absolutely amazing, it’s so light, you don’t need to use much and it soothes the skin. I’m very impressed and cannot say enough about how much I love this product. Completely recommend it and would buy again.

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  10. PJ Smith

    Great product

    Love the Goddess Garden products. This one really makes my skin look healthy and young.

  11. nekojita

    definitely good for dry skin

    This definitely would help dry skin – it’s a very viscous serum with a natural scent which isn’t overpowering, but it’s OILY. Not necessarily bad, I’ve been using it for several days now and no breakouts. But I put it on a couple of hours before going to bed and use a moisturizer on top, and my skin still has some slickness to it when I go to bed! I can’t imagine putting this one right before I go to bed and let my face hit the pillows. But yes, it keeps it from feeling dry at all and I can imagine it would work very well for burns. Just use some caution when you put it on.

  12. Billie

    Five Stars

    Love it! We use it also when the kids get too much sun

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  13. honuluv

    my skin feels great using this

    I have been using this after washing my face every morning. It soaks in within about 15 minutes and my skin is soft, never greasy (but do wait those few minutes). Nice product!

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Product Description

Goddess Garden’s Fresh Start Gentle Cream Cleanser is a cooling and refreshing way to wake up.
Ideal for people who are prone to breakouts, it’s also gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.
Silky cream cleanser features bergamot, lavender and vanilla essential oils to give an aromatherapy benefit to your morning routine,
while leaving your skin feeling refreshed, soft and ready for the day.

Follow with Under the Sun Pre-Sunscreen Serum and Face the Day Sunscreen and Firming Primer.

Press pause on skin aging! Year-round sun exposure causes 90% of wrinkles and skin aging. Our Daily Facial Routine helps reverse damage for a healthy, youthful look!
It can even reduce the depth of wrinkles by 23% in 90 days.

Goddess Garden was founded with a commitment to product excellence while maintaining a low carbon footprint.
The woman-owned company provides safe and effective products using environmentally sustainable business practices.
Goddess Garden supports organic farmers, local schools, and family-friendly organizations.

The Goddess Garden Organics mission is: We create safe, plant-powered products that make it easy for everyone to respect and protect all people and our planet.
The Goddess Garden Organics core values are: We believe in the power of positive change and feel the universe is inherently good.
We create happiness through innovative, high-quality products that are good for people and the planet.
We are a connected and open organization, doing meaningful work.
We live our values while being profitable.

Coconut Oil

Featured Ingredient

Coconut oil can help to moisturize dry skin, reduce inflammation, which may result from UVB rays and can have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.


Reef Safe

All Goddess Garden Sunscreens are Reef Safe

Some of the most common chemical sunscreens, oxybenzone and octinoxate, have been linked to the destruction of our coral reefs.

This damage can occur even at very low concentrations of these chemicals in the water.

Because of this, they’ve even been banned in placed like Hawaii, Key West, Bonaire and the Republic of Palau.

Minerals, on the other hand, are reef safe, so do not harm reef environments and the vast life they support.

We never use toxic or harmful chemicals, so all our sunscreens are completely reef-safe! 

Certified Organic

All Goddess Garden ingredients are Certified Organic wherever possible.

Pure minerals offer powerful UV protection, but they can never be considered “organic” ingredients since they’ve never been alive.

This means mineral sunscreens (whether made by Goddess Garden or not) will never be 100% organic. 


Leaping Bunny Certified

By 1996, ‘cruelty-free’ shopping had become popular, but it was also confusing, sometimes misleading, and ultimately frustrating. Companies had begun designing their own bunny logos, abiding by their own definition of ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘animal friendly’ without the participation of animal protection groups.

In response, eight national animal protection groups banded together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo. We work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy.


Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.



Goddess Garden products are recyclable.

Simply make sure the bottle is empty and clean, then recycle as normal.

With the sunscreen sprays and sticks, please remove the label prior to recycling.

Different municipalities do have different recycling abilities, so if you’re unsure, check with your local recycling facility.


Protect Our Mother

Protect Our Mother is an ocean preservation foundation and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Protect Our Mother (POM) is focused on preserving our oceans and restoring habitat, like coral reefs and kelp forests, where whales, dolphins and other marine animals live.

The ocean is big and so are our goals—we can do this!
Every positive difference starts with first steps.
Protect our Mother will be aimed at protection, legislation and climate balance.

Together, we are cooler.

Why We Designed our Daily Facial Routine

To understand why we designed our Daily Facial Routine to address sun damage and other skin aging, it helps to go back to the start of our company. Our founders, Nova and Paul, were inspired to create Goddess Garden because they needed a safe sunscreen made with clean, natural ingredients for their daughter.
They identified a problem and created their own solution.

They learned a lot along the way, including that the sun is responsible for 90 percent of the visible signs of skin aging.
That means if we’d all used sunscreen on our faces every time we were exposed to the sun in our lives, we’d all boast baby faces—but we didn’t.

Here, Nova and Paul saw another problem: How do you undo years of not wearing sunscreen?
True to their innovative spirit, they again went to work on a solution—the Daily Facial Routine.

Repairing Sun Damage Naturally

Repairing sun damage is pretty complicated stuff. That’s because the damage itself is complex as well. It has to do with the different spectrums and wavelengths of the UV rays and how each affects the skin. Mineral sunscreen is the first step to addressing the problem. You have to stop the damage so your skin can begin to heal itself. Goddess Garden has been providing this solution to our customers for years.

Then we decided to take it to the next step: The repair process.

To further complicate the problem, synthetic chemicals are commonly marketed to help people turn back time. Luckily, we geek out on finding natural alternatives. We read about willow bark and baobab oil for fun! We’re like kids in a candy store when it comes to nature. There are so many wonderful ingredients to choose from that won’t cause their own problems later on.

A Plant-Powered Skincare Solution

We looked for ingredients that could restore the things years of sun exposure takes away from our skin. Nature once again provided just what we needed: strong antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizers and ways to deliver nutrients where they’re needed most. We mixed and tested, and even started over when we found ingredients that were higher in antioxidants or provided a better firming effect. We learned and mixed and tested again.

And all that testing and experimenting resulted in eight facial products—all with nutrients you can feel and natural ingredients that really work—to help undo the visible signs of aging!

The Daily Facial Routine

Our morning and evening products make skincare routines a snap, while providing all the complex nutrients your skin needs. Just take a peek at the product line: 


Fresh Start Invigorating Cream Cleanser: 

  • Effective against breakouts, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. It tones and refreshes with witch hazel and tea tree oil as willow bark gently exfoliates.

Goddess Garden Bright Eyes Firming Eye Cream: 

  • Powerful antioxidants from red tea minimize puffiness while seaweed extract mimics the effects of hyaluronic acid to preserve and support collagen production.

Under the Sun Hydrating Vitamin Serum: 

  • Sunscreen primer ensures even distribution of our Face the Day SPF lotion, with a nourishing vitamin complex to help repair sun-related aging and protect skin from daily damage.

Face the Day Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer & Firming Primer: 

  • Completely sheer, lightweight SPF from reef-safe, non-nano zinc protects the skin while chicory root imitates retinol to firm, lift fine lines and promote long-term collagen production. 

Tinted Face the Day Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer & Firming Primer:  

  • An lightweight four-in-one product that protects, moisturizes, primes and offers a subtle tint in four color-adaptive shades that smooth the skin and even complexion.


Erase the Day Purifying Clay Cleanser:

  • Kaolin clay pulls away impurities, minerals and makeup to reveal soft, smooth skin as oat protein replaces hydration lost throughout the day. 

Day Undone Softening Night Serum:

  • Powerful after-sun serum uses natural ingredients like nourishing mango butter and pomegranate oil to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots caused by sun exposure. 

Dream Repair Brightening Night Cream:

  • Sunscreen primer ensures even distribution of our Face the Day SPF 30 moisturizer, with a nourishing vitamin complex to help repair sun-related aging and protect skin from daily damage.

Sun Repair Made Simple

That’s it. It’s pretty simple. The Daily Facial Routine protects your skin to halt the damage; it helps your skin help itself while providing an extra boost that delivers instant results with long-term benefits—all with plant-based formulas and gentle ingredients.

So look back with nothing but fondness at every moment you’ve spent on this Earth, even if you forgot the sunscreen a time or twelve. We’re all about simply enjoying life, so we hope sun damage can be one less thing to worry about!

Protect our Mother

Going Green Starts by Thinking Blue


Protect Our Mother is an ocean preservation foundation and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Protect Our Mother (POM) is focused on preserving our oceans and restoring habitat, like coral reefs and kelp forests, where whales, dolphins and other marine animals live.
Together, we are cooler.

The ocean is big and so are our goals—we can do this together.
Every positive difference starts with first steps.
Protect our Mother will be aimed at protection, legislation and climate balance.

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