Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet


Align and balance your chakras with our Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet! Unique bracelet works like a diffuser, using porous lava rock to capture and carry the scent of the therapeutic essential oils everywhere you go. The most balancing of all stones, lava rock is the physical embodiment of fire. Coming from the center of the Earth, lava rock offers strong grounding properties, balancing those who need an extra spark or those with fire to spare. The lava rock combines with the brightly colored stones to help balance and cleanse the chakras, promoting happiness.

The seven chakras are the energy centers of the body, carrying information about emotions and how outside factors affect you. The seven colored stones represent and support these energy centers, helping to establish essential balance and alignment. Simply add the essential oil to the lava rocks and allow to dry. Mix and match to enhance your mood! 

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