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What’s really missing in the fragrance industry? Transparency! Maybe the ingredients are okay. Maybe they’re full of phthalates and petrochemicals. Maybe they’re animal derived. Who knows? That’s the problem. The rules regarding fragrance labeling are set up to protect the secret recipes of the companies who create them. As such, companies can hide their entire ingredient list, including any combo of more than 3,000 synthetic chemicals, and list all of it only as “fragrance” or “parfum” on the label.

What makes Goddess Garden perfumes different?

Goddess Garden perfumes are free from phthalates, synthetics and mystery chemicals. We are Leaping Bunny certified and are fully transparent with each and every one of our ingredients. We disclose everything in our perfumes because we feel everyone deserves to know exactly what they are putting on their skin!

From remedy to romance

We blended our essential oils solely with the complexity of the scent in mind. Most essential-oil blends are created as a remedy or as aromatherapy. Rather than repurposing remedies as perfumes, we made the aromatherapy benefits a secondary bonus and focused specifically on the scent. We developed sophisticated perfumes that are romantic, fun and feel good to wear, using only safe, clean ingredients people feel good about wearing. We then listed exactly what those ingredients are, because you know best what’s best for you!

Tips for wearing

Because our perfumes are formulated with essential oils, they do offer a bonus aromatherapy benefit that can help elevate your mood. While this feature was secondary to its aromatic qualities, we made sure our blends worked well together for aromatherapy purposes. Wear the perfumes for their scents, and enjoy their mood-enhancing benefits!

To wear, roll on pulse points and reapply throughout the day as needed. Natural essential oils have a subtle scent that are not overpowering. Feel free to reapply whenever you like and don’t worry about overdoing it! Our roll-on bottle makes reapplication easy whenever you want the scent to take you away. Store at room temperature and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or prolonged artificial light.

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