Gift Guide: Peace, Love and a Lazy Saturday

The holidays are hectic. Among the shopping, cooking, decorating, gatherings—and oh yeah, employment—there never seems to be enough time. Now, more then ever, is when you need a break, even if it’s just of the mental variety. With everyone being so busy, why not wrap up your gifting by giving all the serenity and happiness of a lazy Saturday?

Our holiday gift guide gathers some great, eco-friendly products from some of our favorite companies. Just place these items in a basket, and viola—a lazy Saturday in a basket! You might even save enough time to enjoy a lazy day of your own for a change.

Serenity Aromatherapy Bracelet and Take 5 Bracelet Blend

Set a peaceful mood with aromatherapy that goes where you go. Let’s face it, we’re mobile this time of year, but wearable aromatherapy goes with you on those errands! Our Serenity Aromatherapy Bracelet features the iconic Hamsa hand, the spiritual symbol of faith and protection, combined with blue jasper and turquoise. Calming blue jasper balances emotions, while turquoise quiets the mind and inspires inner peace. The perfect gift for anyone this busy season, pair it with Take 5 Aromatherapy Bracelet Blend to refresh and energize the mind and body—even on the move!


Mandala Love Bottle

Used throughout history as a meditative symbol, the Mandala featured on this Love Bottle is certain to soothe the soul of the lucky recipient. The symmetrical, concentric mandala pattern is calming in and of itself, and is said to allow the observer to gain a higher level of awareness. It was designed to absorb the mind in a way that silences chattering thoughts—is there a better gift than that? And by choosing this reusable glass bottle, you can further put your mind at ease, knowing you’re doing your part to keep plastic from polluting the planet.

love bottle

Bhakti Chai

Nothing says relaxation like a peaceful cup of Bhakti Chai! Wrap up a Bhakti Chai concentrate and give serenity in a cup! Mix the concentrate with milk or your favorite non-dairy beverage, such as almond milk, so everyone can enjoy a treat. The fiery spices, fresh pressed organic ginger and organic Fair-Trade Certified black tea offer the taste of a lazy Saturday. If the calendar argues the contrary, mix and go by pouring it in the Love Bottle!

bhakti chai

Birch Benders Pancake Mix

What’s a lazy Saturday without pancakes? With delicious pancakes mixes from Birch Benders, even the chefs of the family get a break! Birch Benders has already done the hard work of combining the best ingredients, plus they carry organic, natural and specialty mixes to accommodate everyone’s needs. All you have to do is add water! With all the extra time spent in the kitchen this time of year, everyone on your list will appreciate a helping hand. And everyone at their table will appreciate the perfect pancakes!

birch benders

Check it off your list!

This holiday season, follow our gift guide and give someone the gift of a lazy Saturday, while you give yourself some time back in your life! Happy holidays from all your friends at Goddess Garden, Love Bottle, Bhakti Chai and Birch Benders!

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