Fun Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Fall

Autumn is a season that’s intertwined with tradition. The cool air and fallen leaves bring back childhood memories of apple picking or pumpkin carving with loved ones. And while nostalgia is one of fall’s charms, we think it’s healthy to make sure our cherished pastimes are having a positive impact, and not increasing our footprint. There are so many easy ways to have a more eco-friendly fall, from bringing a reusable cup for your almond milk pumpkin spice latte to changing the way you dress up your home! 

Decorate with natural elements

Choose natural decorations for a more eco-friendly fall!Even reusable plastic decorations are destined for the landfill one day. Instead, choose items that can decompose or even be composted. As usual, nature has provided everything you need, so take advantage of its beauty and get creative! You can make beautiful arrangements with things right outside your door, like pinecones, twigs, evergreen branches, acorns and leaves (check out our blog on how to preserve fall leaves naturally!). Make centerpieces and wreaths, paint preserved gourds, or stage a harvest bounty on your mantelpiece and staircases. They’ll give your home that cozy, rustic feel—without growing your footprint.

Be thrifty when refreshing your wardrobe

Sometimes it doesn’t feel quite like a new season without new boots, scarves and a killer Halloween costume. To make your wardrobe refresh greener, check out second-hand options like thrift stores and consignment before buying something brand new! You might end up with unique or even vintage pieces—without having to pay an arm or a leg.  

Another fun way to enliven your closet, and repurpose old items simultaneously, is to have a clothing swap with friends and neighbors! You can trade in old stuff for new-to-you pieces without spending a dime, and you can find loving homes for your old clothes, too.

Of course, if you really have the itch for something new, choosing a brand that’s vegan, eco-conscious and, when possible, local can still help minimize your footprint in multiple ways.  

Take the road less traveledGetting outside more often can be a great way to have an eco-friendly fall.

Getting outside is our favorite answer to most questions, and it works for this situation, too! When you’re outside, your lights aren’t on and your car isn’t running, so you’re using less resources. It’s also a great opportunity to unplug and truly enjoy the season! The best way to experience fall foliage is to be in it. Instead of going on a drive, jump on your bike or hit the hiking trails. You’ll immerse yourself in the colorful landscape and engage all of your senses. Not only will you appreciate the changing environment more thoroughly, you’ll also minimize your carbon footprint, save on gas, enjoy the fresh air and even get a rush of endorphins from the exercise. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Buy local food and consider joining a farm share

There are a lot of factors to consider when searching for sustainable food options, but long supply chains can obscure the process. When you buy seasonal and local, you can cut out many of the variables. Local food only travels a small distance from the ground to your plate, which means it’s fresher and more nutritious, and its journey creates fewer emissions. You can even choose to support farms that are specifically committed to sustainability! 

Goddess-Garden_Green-Eco-friendly-Fall-Tips-cFarm shares (also known as CSAs, or Community Shared Agriculture) are a wonderful opportunity to get very close to the source and explore clean, local food through a weekly bounty of veggies. Search your area for fall and winter farm shares, and, depending on where you live, your haul might include hearty root vegetables, onions, lettuce, winter squash and more! Variations from week to week might even encourage you to try new recipes, and some farms host music and community activities during pick-ups, which can be fun for both adults and kids.  

Going green can be fun! 

The bottom line is that minimizing your impact doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. It can be a great way to get creative, try new things and become more familiar with your local area! By exploring eco-friendly fall activities with your kids, you can also instill in them a sense of enjoyment surrounding green practices. And who knows, maybe you’ll even spark some new traditions for next fall, or perfect your old ones, while you’re at it! 

Goddess Garden’s commitment to the environment

At our company, we’re passionate about promoting good stewardship, and it shows in our products and practices. All of our formulas are free from harmful chemicals, our packaging is recyclable and we take measures to ensure that our practices aren’t adding stress to the environment.  

We also know that, while being a conscious consumer is important and rewarding, it can be confusing, too! That’s why we’re a certified B Corp—so our customers know we’re committed to things that matter. All B Corporations are held to high environmental standards and care deeply about minimizing their footprint. That means when you choose them, you’re minimizing yours, as well! 


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