How are Goddess Garden perfumes different from other perfumes?

Thousands of mystery chemicals can be hidden on an ingredient label listed only as “fragrance” or “parfum.” This is allowed under the pretext of protecting their formulations. Because our company was created by a mom for her daughter who was sensitive to all body products, we know people need full transparency on ingredients. Our perfumes are made with pure essential oils, and we are completely transparent about each and every ingredient so you know exactly what you’re wearing. Now, people with sensitivities—or those who want to avoid the mystery—have options!

How are these different than wearing essential oils?

Our uniquely beautiful scent combinations are true perfumes, but without the synthetic mystery chemicals. Like all perfumes, they’re carefully blended to form complex scents. Because they are perfumes, the base evaporates quickly, leaving only the natural scent behind.

How often can I reapply the perfume?

Our essential-oil perfumes are gentle and safe to use as often as you’d like. Because there are no phthalates or synthetic additives, they may not linger as long as chemical perfumes, nor will they be overpowering. If you need more, the convenient rollerball makes reapplication easy!

Why are the perfumes a roll-on?

Our perfumes come in a roll-on bottle so they are easy to use. Unlike a spray, the rollerball gives you control over where it’s applied. It also makes reapplication simple. Toss it in your bag or purse and you’ll have it handy any time you want to reapply!

What is “Denat. Alcohol”?

On our ingredient label, this is an abbreviation for denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is simply natural alcohol that includes additives that make it bitter and undrinkable.

Why do you use alcohol in your perfumes?

Denatured alcohol in perfume helps diffuse and lift the scent away from the skin. With an oil-based fragrance, the scent may be strong, but it tends to stay very close to the skin. The alcohol helps lift the scent so it is easier to smell. It also evaporates quickly, leaving only the scent behind, so it will not stain clothing.