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There are two types of sun damage: the kind you see right away via sunburns, and the kind that sneaks up on you in the form of early aging. Many people are cautious about the UVB rays that cause burns, but damage from UVA rays adds up day by day and leads to premature aging, or photoaging. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, scrambling collagen and damaging the skin’s DNA. This damage appears years later in the form of wrinkles, dark spots and rough, sallow skin. Both types can also lead to skin cancer. If you go outside without sunscreen or protective clothing, you get sun damage, even in the winter and on cloudy days, regardless if you’ve ever had a sunburn.

You do have sun damage. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sallow (yellowing) skin, dark spots and rough skin are all signs of sun damage. Many people think sun damage is only dark spots, but 90-percent of age-related changes in the skin’s appearance are caused by the sun. Burning isn’t the only way the sun damages your skin. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, so the damage shows up years later in the form of premature aging. So if you go outside, you have sun damage.

Yes! The first step is to stop the damage by using a daily sunscreen. Aging UVA rays go through clouds and glass, making a daily sunscreen a must. A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed daily sunscreen wearers had no detectable increase in skin aging after 4.5 years. Damage you already have can also be repaired. An independent test of Under the Sun and Face the Day used together resulted in a 10.5-percent decrease in wrinkle depth after 45 days and a 23.5-percent decrease after 90 days. Our Daily Facial Routine was designed to send nutrients to the source of the sun damage, to replenish and speed up the skin’s own healing process.

While every person has different skincare needs, our plant-based skincare system was made for people who either don’t like, or experience reactions to, the hundreds of chemicals and synthetic ingredients in skincare products. Because everyone’s needs vary, we recommend trying our products on the inside of your elbow, 24 hours prior to use, to make sure it works for you.

Our facial care products were designed with mature skin in mind, but “mature” is relative. Our products are ideal for the unique skincare needs of people age 25 and older, but they will work for all ages.

Not in the traditional sense. While our Daily Facial Routine products can help soothe a sunburn, they are designed to do much more than that. It counters the effects of your daily sun exposure that adds up over time and accelerates the look of aging. Just like the damage added up gradually, the results will too by adding our facial products to your daily routine. If you accidentally get too much sun, Day Undone would be a great choice to calm and nourish delicate sunburned skin, but we also offer an Aloe Vera After-Sun Gel specifically designed to soothe a sunburn.

We believe in the beauty of every age. But we don’t believe in sun damage making us look older before our time. You could call our products anti-premature aging. People associate sun damage with the normal signs of aging, since the damage adds up alongside their years. Aging is natural, but there’s no reason your skin needs to age faster than you do. Preventing and healing sun damage helps erase the wrinkles, dark spots and roughness that is usually tied to normal aging. As we mature, it’s all about preserving our health. That goes for our skin, too. A side effect of nourished, healthy skin is that it also looks younger and more vibrant, which our facial care line can help with.

You don’t have to suffer a burn to have sun damage. UVA and UVB rays all damage your skin, but only UVB rays burn you. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin. It breaks the skin’s structural matrix down over time, ultimately causing wrinkles, roughness and dark spots. Unlike burning rays, UVA rays go through clouds and glass, so most people don’t even know they’re getting sun damage. The Daily Facial Routine was designed to help repair and protect from this accidental sun damage.

It’s never too late to start using sunscreen and begin repairing sun damage. In fact, it’s even more important than ever! The Skin Cancer Foundation even cites a series of studies that shows the majority of sun damage occurs after age 40. That’s because the skin gets thinner as we age, allowing the UVA rays to go deeper into the skin and the damage to be more pronounced.

A pH level will vary for each person, and refers to the acid content on the skin. The types of products you need will also vary based on your individual skin type. If a product makes your skin feel dry or tight, it could have too much alkaline for you. If your skin feels too oily, the product might be too acidic. There is no one-size-fits-all product that is pH balanced for everyone, since everyone has different needs. That’s why the Daily Facial Routine offers lots of options to work with varied skin types.

Our facial care products are intended for mature skin, age 25 and up, who are less prone to experiencing acne. Even if you are prone to acne, it’s important to note that all oils are not created equally. Some oils help balance the skin’s natural protective layer. Some people find their skin becomes clearer after using them. We’ve even heard from customers that their adult acne improved after using our products. Everyone’s skin is different, but our facial care products don’t typically cause breakouts. If you’ve been using chemical-laden products, a blemish or two is possible as your skin pushes out what has built up so it can breathe again. This is normal with any detox and should be temporary. If you continue to have breakouts after a couple of weeks, stop using the product(s).

The Daily Facial Routine is a great alternative for those who wish to avoid harsh chemicals, like retinol, on their skin. Retinol can be highly irritating, and many people either cannot use it at all or are not fans of the side effects. The wrinkles, roughness and dark spots that are often the reason people resort to retinol are caused by sun damage. Our facial products provide a natural alternative to retinol to help repair sun damage, with the side effect of the products feeling good on the skin.

While some ingredients, like zinc, are the same, both products are uniquely formulated for different uses. Our traditional Facial Sunscreen is tested to be water resistant for 40 minutes and is designed to be more of an active sunscreen. This is our pick for weekend hikes, kids’ soccer games and times when you are intentionally outdoors. Face the Day was designed to counter the cumulative effects of unintentional sun exposure. It is intended to be used in place of a daily facial moisturizer. As such, it also has skin tightening and smoothing properties so it can double as a moisturizing and firming makeup primer.

The Daily Facial Routine was designed to be extremely hydrating and offer an immediate firming effect. Some results will be visible immediately and will help reward daily use. Long-term results can vary, but an independent test of Under the Sun and Face the Day, used together, showed a 10.5-percent decrease in wrinkle depth after 45 days, and a 23.5-percent decrease after 90 days.

Day Undone and Dream Repair offer different skin benefits, but this comes down to personal choice. Some people prefer a serum while others prefer a cream. Some use one or the other in the summer, but use both together to counter dry, winter skin. If you use both, we recommend applying the serum first, then waiting a few minutes before applying the cream.

While the Daily Facial Routine products were all designed to offer unique benefits that work synergistically together, the products can be used on their own as well. You may want to start with one cleanser and one serum, or one evening moisturizer. Mix and match to see what best suits your skin. We recommend you start with Face the Day Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer & Firming Primer, since prevention is the most important step to repair.

The products were designed to be used in a specific order, but you can mix and match, especially if you are not using the entire set. Aside from Dream Repair, which is intended for nighttime use only, your skin will appreciate the ingredients no matter how you use them. We do, however recommend the following order:


  1. Fresh Start Invigorating Cream Cleanser
  2. Goddess Garden Bright Eyes Firming Eye Cream*
  3. Under the Sun Hydrating Vitamin Serum
  4. Face the Day Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer & Firming Primer

*If used at night, be sure to apply to the cheekbones, not directly under the eyes. The oils migrate overnight and you could wake with puffy eyes.


  1. Erase the Day Purifying Clay Cleanser
  2. Day Undone Softening Night Serum
  3. Dream Repair Brightening Night Cream

We have not had our products tested specifically for their ability to reduce dark spots, but we’ve heard from several users that they’ve seen improvement with dark spots after using our products. Check out this Facebook Live video and scroll over to 17:15 to hear how Day Undone helped diminish dark spots. Additionally, studies have shown niacinamide (vitamin B3) and licorice root, which are used in Dream Repair, can help reduce dark spots by inhibiting the enzyme that controls melanin production.

No, your skin should feel hydrated, but not greasy. The serums soak into the skin, sending nutrients to the source of the sun damage. It can take a few minutes to soak in, but if it still feels greasy, try using a little less serum. Skin varies and your needs change, even from season to season.

Face the Day is a moisturizer, so it will be very nourishing. It is also a firming makeup primer and sunscreen. Depending on your skin’s need, you might want to use an additional moisturizer, like our Under the Sun Hydrating Vitamin Serum. If you tend to have oily skin, you may want to use Face the Day on its own. Because it is intended as a primer, it may take a few minutes to fully absorb, but it should not feel greasy.

Our oil-based serums, Under the Sun and Day Undone, are lightweight and are designed to be quickly absorbed. We chose oils that would penetrate deeply to deliver nutrients to the source of the sun damage. As such, the serums will not rest on the skin’s surface. Our creams, Goddess Garden Bright Eyes and Dream Repair, provide intense hydration that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Some people prefer one texture over another, so we offer both. Creams and serums may also be combined so they work together to deliver added benefits.

It’s attitude! You should celebrate every turn of the calendar. It’s not aging that’s the problem, it’s sun damage. Our facial products are uniquely formulated with plant-based ingredients to target the source of the sun damage that accelerates the look of aging. This helps repair the damage and provides the nutrients needed to speed up the skin’s own healing process. By stopping further damage and starting to repair what is already there, your skin can go back to its real age, which gives your skin a more youthful look, naturally.

Dream Repair contains natural alpha hydroxy acids in the mango extract that help slough off the dead skin that gives a dull appearance, and stimulates regeneration. This gives you a softer, brighter complexion, but it can temporarily make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Use Dream Repair only at night and wake with bright, nourished skin.

Under the Sun is designed to moisturize the skin and help ensure mineral sunscreen goes on evenly and easily. It contains lycopene to strengthen and provide a dose of strong antioxidant power that helps protect the skin from environmental damage. Marula and baobab lock in moisture to help improve elasticity. Day Undone quenches and softens the skin. It contains pomegranate to revive the complexion and rosehip to reinvigorate skin overnight.

Yes! We are Leaping Bunny certified and are even supporting legislation to end cosmetics testing on animals. Learn more or get involved!

Yes, all the products in our Daily Facial Routine are certified organic. While they are not USDA organic like food products, they have the NSF/ANSI 305 organic certification for cosmetics. This certification has very strict guidelines and does not allow any GMOs, irradiated ingredients or formaldehyde donors and no sewage sludge can be used in the growth or production of any of the ingredients.  

This is a universal symbol stating the amount of time in which the product should be used after the packaging has been opened. The number of months is represented by the small number to the side of the jar.

Our Daily Facial Routine products do not contain gluten or wheat-derived products. The xanthan gum we use in some of our products is fermented from wheat or soy, but our supplier has tested for both of those specific allergens and none remain after processing. However, we are not a gluten-free facility. For those with a gluten sensitivity (or any allergy or sensitivity), we recommend trying our facial products on the inside of your elbow, 24 hours prior to use, to make sure it works for you.

Our Daily Facial Routine products do not contain soy or soy-derived products. The xanthan gum we use in some of our products is fermented from wheat or soy, but our supplier has tested for both of those specific allergens and none remain after processing. However, we are not a soy-free facility. For those with a soy sensitivity (or any allergy or sensitivity), we recommend trying tour facial products on the inside of your elbow, 24 hours prior to use, to make sure it works for you.

You’ll be glad to learn that Goddess Garden’s Daily Facial Routine (and all our products) are indeed vegan. No animal products are used in our formulas, and all products are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified as well.

Yes, our Daily Facial Routine products are GMO-free. Even though the organic certification is different for cosmetics than it is for food, as part of our organic certification, 100-percent of the ingredients have to be GMO-free.

Yes, the Daily Facial Routine products all come in recyclable packaging.

There are two ways to preserve a product. The first is to delay oxidation, and the other is to prevent the growth of harmful mold and bacteria. Our serums are oil based so we use vitamin E to delay oxidation. Goddess Garden Bright Eyes and Dream Repair are emulsions, meaning mixtures of oil and water. For these, we need to inhibit the growth of mold and/or bacteria. There have been some concerns about using sodium benzoate in food; however, in skincare, it is the mildest preservative. The EWG gives it a three rating, and it is allowed under an organic certification to help ensure the safety of consumers with regard to a suitable shelf life. People regularly shop for food, but it would be strange to purchase skincare products every few days. Because of that, this ingredient is considered the best option when the alternatives are harsher preservatives or the risks of not using them at all.

Salicylates are naturally found in the bark, leaves, roots, skin and seeds of some plants. They protect the plants from insect damage and disease, but can be problematic for some individuals. Radish root ferment filtrate in our Erase the Day is a possible source of salicylates, as well as the willow bark in Fresh Start. If you are sensitive to salicylates, check the label for radish root ferment or willow bark. If that is not present, you shouldn’t have any issues. For anyone with allergies or sensitivities, we also recommend doing a patch test on the inside of your elbow to make sure the product agrees with your body.

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