Beat What Bugs You—Essential Oils Are a Natural Bug Repellent

Beat what bugs you with pure essential oils! Whether you dab essential oils onto our Aromatherapy Bracelets, diffuse on your porch or drop onto cotton balls and strategically place on your patio, some essential oils serve as natural bug repellent and work wonders to push away pests. Have fun by blending to create your own scents. Here are some of our favorite oils for guarding against unwanted guests!

Essential Oils that Prevent Pests

Lemongrass – The fresh, lemon scent has a subtle grassy undertone that is enjoyed by most, while repelling mosquitoes and other pests at the same time.

Cedarwood – The woodsy scent is often used to instill feelings of harmony and calm the mind, but it also wards away insects—mosquitoes are especially repelled!

29092947_157726271569264_3174003998797594624_nPatchouli – The musky, earthy essence offers a convenient duality. Many enjoy its scent, but insects and moths aren’t fans.

Thyme – The strong, tangy, herbal scent is used to relieve tension and anxiety, but the same can’t be said for insects who naturally avoid it.

Sweet Basil – While most people enjoy the sweet, herbal scent, bugs do not, and it effectively repels moths and insects.

Lavender – The sweet, floral, herbal aroma, is almost universally loved by people, but mosquitoes don’t share the sentiment and will steer clear.

Peppermint – The fresh, cool, minty scent might give your spirits a lift, but it will tell mice, spiders, mosquitoes, ants and bugs to take a hike!

This summer, beat what bugs you—naturally—and enjoy the mood-boosting bonus of essential oils at the same time!

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