We believe in the power of nature–how it can move us, inspire us, and protect us as people.

The Goddess Garden Mission Statement

At Goddess Garden, we know everything is connected. If something isn’t good for us, it’s usually not good for the planet either. We’re also realistic. Products exist to solve a problem or fill a need. That’s where we come in. We solve problems without creating new ones. We’re out to prove you can be conscientious without compromise. Our products all serve a practical purpose, but behind all our products are guiding principles ensuring that our success goes hand in hand with protecting the earth and our health.


Created by a mom for her daughter, Goddess Garden only makes products we’d use in our own homes and on our own families. And we offer a culture that is centered around families, so we never lose our focus: making life a little easier and a lot safer for the ones we care about most!