Top Blog Posts for 2015

Thanks for making 2015 such a great year! We may have seen you at events. You may have taken us on vacation. We’re already reminiscing! In case you missed out, here are our top blog posts for 2015.

#1. The History of Sunscreen

Cultures throughout history have worshipped the sun—and taken precautions to keep themselves protected. Learn more about what we can learn from the past to protect us long into the future.

#2. Is Wearing Sunscreen “Natural”?

Is wearing sunscreen natural? All of nature’s creatures, including humans, are equipped with defenses against the sun. Learn how we’ve all adapted to stay safe in the sun!

#3. The Hummingbird: A Symbol of Significance

A logo is like a signature, only even more meaningful. That quick image is often a customer’s first impression. It visually represents the company’s story. And yes, there’s a story behind the Goddess Garden hummingbird.

#4. 10 Things Goddess Garden Will Never Change

Over the years, we’ve changed a lot. We’ve moved, we’ve grown and we’ve even changed our look. Rest assured, no matter what changes, at the core of who we are, we’re still the same people, with the same values, making great skincare products. And that will never change!

#5. Dollars and Sense – the Real Cost of Sunscreen

Dollar for dollar, the cheapest sunscreen isn’t necessarily a bargain in the long run. By going with the cheapest sunscreen, we know cost savings is a benefit, but what are you losing, damaging or giving up in order to get it?

#6. Give Chemicals the Bird

Goddess Garden products prove you don’t need chemical sunscreens, harsh preservatives or artificial fragrances. Neither does Mother Earth. And since gentle alternatives exist, it’s time to give chemicals the bird!

#7. Give Chemicals the Bird – UV Protection

Chemical and physical (mineral) sunscreens prevent sunburns, but that’s where the similarities end. Learn the difference and give chemicals the bird!

#8. Vitamin A (Retinol) and Sunscreen Just Don’t Mix

Vitamin A and sunscreen just don’t mix! Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is added to many cosmetics, including sunscreen, but it can have serious health consequences when used in the sunshine!

#9. Helping Save the Reefs One Bottle of Sunscreen at a Time

Offering more than just reef-safe sunscreen, Goddess Garden turned an educational opportunity into a fundraiser for to help protect the reefs! Learn how Goddess Garden is helping this fragile ecosystem, and see how you can get involved!

#10. Four Ways to Lengthen Your Youth

Here are four easy and enjoyable ways to minimize stress and help keep a strong grip on your youth.


We’re excited to see what 2016 will bring. Thanks for being part of our story!

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