Thyme to Try Something New!

There are a lot of benefits to having a routine. Once something is a habit, it’s easy to remember. A good exercise plan is a must, as are good skincare habits. And let’s face it, unexpected changes to your morning routine can disrupt the whole day. There’s certainly a time for autopilot, but there’s also a time to try something new and enjoy the benefits of switching things up!

As adults, we’re less inclined to change our routines. Why? Because there is a great fear of the unknown. A study even showed people have less anxiety about a known bad outcome than they do an unknown outcome, even if that outcome might be positive![i]

Trying something new takes courage, but there are advantages to being open to new experiences. You don’t get bored. You get to stretch your mind and challenge yourself. And here’s the best reason to try something new—you might even enjoy whatever it is you’re trying. Who  knows? Maybe your calling is calling!

We Challenge You to Say “Yes”!

We’re all busy—and it takes time and energy to try new things—but for one month, try saying “yes.” Pay attention to new opportunities and go for them! If you catch yourself making an excuse, stop and commit to doing it instead. Get proactive! Every day, do something that scares you. Go to a movie by yourself or volunteer for that project at work. Invite your neighbor over for coffee or sign up for a class. Remember, everything you love doing was new and scary once. Looking back, we bet you agree it was worth it!

Ease the Anxiety of Trying Something New with Essential Oils

knight with bird cloakFeeling anxious? Maybe it will help to hear those brave knights of yesteryear felt the same way. They used to get a bravery boost from Mother Nature by using thyme. This popular herb was sewn into knights’ clothing to give them courage in battle. It is still used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety, tension and fatigue. It can also ease the discomfort of spring allergies and help you breathe easier—especially helpful when you need to take a deep breath and go for it! 

Essential Oil Blends for Bravery

Thyme essential oil is energizing. It will give you a lift while also providing the clarity and confidence to face a task, even if the outcome is uncertain. When trying new things, help prepare yourself beforehand by diffusing thyme. If you need a little more help, these oils blend well with thyme and add their own aspirations to help you move forward and enjoy the experience:

  • Sweet Basil – positivity & assertiveness
  • Blood Orange – joy & confidence
  • Sweet Fennel – confidence & openness

Bravery Blend #1

Bravery Blend #2

Diffuse or add to purified water and spray for a boost of courage and confidence. If you get an adrenaline rush after your task, consider it a healthy bonus! Adrenaline can increase alertness and awareness and can even improve memory and cognitive functioning.[ii]

Who can’t use more of that?

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thyme to try something new


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[ii] Teitelbaum, Jacob, and Bill Gottlieb. Real Cause, Real Cure: The 9 Root Causes of the Most Common Health Problems and How to Solve Them. Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 2012. Print.

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