Sustainability at Goddess Garden

Here at Goddess Garden, we try to live every day like it’s Earth Day. If you have looked at our packaging, you can get a taste of our values. Our sunscreen is biodegradable, reef safe, and contains organic, non-GMO ingredients that keep harsh chemicals away from our bodies and the earth. But our commitment to the earth goes so much deeper!

Recyclable Packaging: What a Novel Idea!

We are especially proud of one of our product features: our sunscreen bottles are recyclable. To the average consumer, this might not seem like that big of a deal. A lot of containers are recyclable, right? Wrong. Take a look at your daily cosmetic product packages. Most, if not all, are not recyclable. In order to be thrown into the single-stream recycling bin, a product must be labeled with a recycling number 1, 2, or 5 (check with your local recycling guidelines as they can vary between regions).

Let’s take a look at our continuous spray sunscreen bottles. Most similar spray bottles for sunscreen are made out of tin, with an inner plastic bag made from mylar,

making it destined for the landfill. Goddess Garden continuous spray bottles are made from aluminum, with an inner bag that is also made out of aluminum, making it recyclable. Just make sure to pop off the small plastic cap when the bottle is empty.

What about our sunscreen lotions? Almost no flexible tubes are recyclable; the best you will find are tubes made from 30% post-consumer product. A valiant effort, but we knew we could do better. Our tubes are made from a special process that allows for the polypropylene (a fancy word for that little number 5 on the back of the package that indicates that it is recyclable) tube to adhere to the label, which is also made from polypropylene. Other tubes are made from mixed plastics that are adhered to non-recyclable labels, voiding them from the recycling bin. Caps are another component of packing that can make or break a product’s recyclability, and we went the extra mile to make sure that the whole tube, cap and all, can be recycled.

You may be wondering, “Why doesn’t every company make their products recyclable? It seems pretty simple.” As with everything in a consumerist society, it all comes down to money. We could be using cheap materials to save us money, but that isn’t who we are or what we are about. Goddess Garden was created with a commitment to quality,

mineral sun protection with a low carbon footprint, so we are happy to pour in the extra money to ensure that our products live up to our mission statement. Similarly, as consumers you have the power to choose to support businesses like ours with the purchase of a sustainable, recyclable product, even if it means paying a few extra dollars.

Other Sustainable Efforts at Goddess Garden

Our office building is another testament to our commitment to sustainability. For one, all of our electric energy comes from wind power. Our recycling dumpsters fill up faster than the trash dumpsters, and we recycle a lot of materials within the sunscreen production process. If you want a small peek into the making of sunscreen, here are some steps we take to be the most energy efficient during production: Sunscreen goes through a baking and cooling process, and in order to reduce energy for the heating process, we use heat-exchange technology to preserve the hot water in a holding tank so it can be used for the next round, rather than heating up a new batch of water. There is another part of production that requires air compression, which also uses a lot of energy. We have engineered a way to use an air blower rather than compressed air, which uses 1/10th of the energy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: a Mantra to Live By

We are proud of how little waste results from our sunscreen production process, and the fact that we can put the recycling power into the hands of our consumers as well. We have put in a lot of work to get to the sustainability level that we are at today, and are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and produce less of a carbon footprint. Goddess Garden truly cares about the earth and the people who inhabit it, and we want to send that message through the sunscreen products that we produce.

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