5 Reasons Why Our Sunscreen Sprays Are Better for You and the Planet

The year was 2013, and the sunscreen world was changing. More and more, consumers were turning to sunscreen sprays in their sun care regimen. At the same time, they were becoming increasingly aware of the harmful chemicals hiding in everyday products. The irony of this didn’t escape us.

Toxin-awareness is a wonderful thing, but something wasn’t adding up. Most conventional spray options use chemical propellants, which can irritate sensitive skin and add unnecessary pollutants into the mix. We wanted to provide a better option. To do that, we created the first ever certified-organic, air-powered mineral sunscreen spray

Of course, things have changed since 2013, but one important thing hasn’t: Our mineral sunscreen sprays are still one of the best options out there for sun protection. Wondering why? We’ve got five big reasons!

1. Our sunscreen sprays feature only safe and effective ingredients.

Sunscreen sprays make application easy, but is it worth it if the ingredients are toxic? We created our mineral sunscreen sprays so people could have both convenience and formulas they actually want to put on their bodies. (For the record, our new lightweight SPF 50 lotions are super easy to apply, ultra-sheer and dry-touch. So they’re also very convenient!)

For one thing, our sprays use compressed air to provide a smooth, consistent spray. This replaces the chemical propellants used in conventional options, so they’re safer for sensitive skin. What’s more, the formulas feature gentle ingredients like pure zinc and titanium to protect against broad-spectrum UV rays and organic plant-based ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and aloe vera to moisturize. They’re free from chemical sunscreens that can irritate sensitive skin and absorb into the bloodstream, where they can cause other issues. That way, you can stop worrying about mystery chemicals and start enjoying the sun more!

2. They help everyone look after the earth!


We’ve said it before, but we’ll always say it again. Since our sunscreen sprays only contain mineral actives to block UV rays, they’re also safe for the earth! On top of posing risks to humans, common chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone and octinoxate harm coral reefs and other ecosystems. On the other hand, non-nano zinc and titanium are safe for these environments, so they’re a much better option for the planet, as well as people.

3. They’re uniquely recyclable.

Speaking of saving the world, our spray cans are 100% recyclable. Since aluminum can be recycled at high rates, it’s an eco-friendly material. On top of that, we also created a unique spray mechanism featuring an aluminum pouch (the part that holds the sunscreen inside the can). Even though a lot of continuous spray cans are also aluminum, they typically contain a plastic pouch inside to hold the sunscreen. Because of this, they can’t be recycled as efficiently. With ours, just pop off the plastic cap (also recyclable), place both parts in the recycling bin and rest assured that they’ll go on to live another life.

81wC0t143fL._SX522_4. They don’t present the same inhalation risks as other sprays.

Despite the merits of sunscreen sprays, the Environmental Working Group doesn’t recommend them – even in mineral options – because of potential inhalation risks. We think the EWG is a great resource for consumers, but we disagree with them on this point.

Unfortunately, the EWG lumps Goddess Garden’s sprays in with the rest of the sprays available today. But our sunscreen sprays don’t present the same inhalation risk because they spray lotion, not a fine mist like chemical sunscreens. They don’t hang in the air like a cloud of chemicals, so the risk of inhaling is very, very low. We also recommend that users spray it into their hands first when applying to their face, minimizing the risk even further.

5. They spray a white lotion that rubs in sheer, so you’re less likely to miss spots.

Another reason why the EWG doesn’t love sunscreen sprays is because, when used incorrectly, they can lead to inadequate coverage. When you mist on a clear, chemical sunscreen without rubbing it in, it’s hard to tell where the sunscreen actually landed. So even though, in theory, applying sunscreen without having to rub it in sounds great, the reality is that it leaves you more susceptible to burns.

Because minerals reflect light (which is also how they block UV rays), they are white. That means mineral sunscreen will always be white, even in spray formats. As such, they also need to be rubbed in, especially to get sheer coverage. This actually helps users develop better awareness of what areas still need sunscreen, therefore preventing burns more successfully.

Goddess Garden Mineral Sunscreen Sprays in Kids, Sport and Daily.Using mineral sunscreen sprays effectively

At the risk of sounding repetitive, mineral sunscreens are fundamentally different than chemical sunscreens. Because of this, it stands to reason they also have different application guidelines.

As we mentioned, mineral sunscreen sprays apply as a white lotion. So, while it can be tempting to spray all over in one sweep, it’s better to start with a small area and rub the lotion in before moving on. Starting small helps the lotion go on evenly and sheer. Otherwise, the plant-based moisturizers, like coconut oil and aloe vera, can absorb into the skin before you’ve had a chance to spread it around. Once that happens, the sunscreen can become more whitening and less evenly applied. Spraying the lotion into your hands, especially when applying to your face, can also be helpful.

While we can see the draw of invisible sunscreen mists, a closer look shows they aren’t as effective at doing their job – protecting people from harmful UV rays – as other options. Our sprays provide a convenient option and powerful, effective coverage without compromising on ingredients or putting your health at risk. Using our sunscreen sprays provides better, sheer coverage that’s free from harmful chemicals. To us, that’s the best of both worlds!


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