Sun Damage: An Ounce of Prevention

Have you ever wanted an “edit-undo” button for life? What about that phrase that was innocent enough in your head, but quite the opposite when you said it out loud in a meeting? Maybe your co-workers still tease you about it. Maybe it’s just me. I digress…

We’ve all done things in life where just the tiniest bit of prevention would have eliminated a whole lot of hassle. Ever ruin a keyboard because you didn’t really need your coffee in a travel mug? And crayons and kids… that’s a great combination, right? Who knew the wall would make such a beautiful canvas for their, um, creativity?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Most of us can relate to this. If you can’t, please share your secrets! For the rest of us, we learn as we go. Now, I buy washable crayons, and I’ve even been known to use a sippy cup near my computer in a pinch. The other lesson many of us have learned is using sunscreen.

A “back button” for sun damage

Fry, freckle, peel, repeat—that was all part of the sizzling sounds of summer. We knew burns were bad, but we didn’t know how important sunscreen really was back then. Now, many of us have to face the results on our faces. But what most of us accept (or gripe about while kicking and screaming) as the normal signs of aging are actually sun damage. Wouldn’t it be great to go back in time and have a do-over? Alas, there is no back button for life, but sun damage can be stopped—and even repaired—so there is a back button for sun exposure!

Now is a great time for sunscreen

“But it’s too late for me…” We keep hearing this, but it’s never too late to start using sunscreen. The Skin Cancer Foundation even cites a series of studies that show the majority of sun damage occurs after age 40.[i]

How is that possible, you ask? Because as we age, our skin becomes thinner, allowing UV rays to penetrate deeper. Our body’s ability to heal damaged DNA also slows down, so all time in the sun has a bigger impact. When you consider retirees often move to sunnier climates and spend more time outside as they have more free time, you can see how it all adds up. [ii]

That makes daily sunscreen in our adult years even more important! Even if you already have sun damage, you have to give your skin a break by using daily sunscreen so it can begin to heal itself and not get any worse. Then you can feed your skin the vitamins and nutrients it needs to further boost the healing process.

Protect and repair—a dynamic duo!

Now that we know the importance of prevention—with pets, kids and even the sun—we wanted to make protecting and repairing your skin simple. Under the Sun Hydrating Vitamin Serum nourishes your skin and provides necessary vitamins to further protect your skin. When used before mineral sunscreen, it also helps it go on sheer and evenly. Face the Day Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer is a daily moisturizer with SPF that doubles as a firming primer. This dynamic duo together gives you nourished, moisturized, protected skin that is smoothed and primed for makeup. Pretty easy, right?

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention (or in this case, an ounce of sunscreen) is worth a pound of cure. Applying sunscreen is much easier than dealing with sun damage or an increased risk for skin cancer. And it’s never too late to start healing the damage and adopt healthy suncare habits!

start preventing now

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[ii] Godar DE, Urbach F, Gasparro FP, Van der Leun JC. UV doses of young adults. Photochem Photobiol 2003; 77(4):453-457.


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