How Much Sun Exposure Are You Getting?

We’ve been talking about how sun exposure adds up, so we wanted to see how much we are actually getting. In an unscientific, but very realistic study, a couple of us tracked our time in the sun on a week and weekend day. As a side note, we’ll officially stop complaining about not getting outside more since clearly that isn’t the case!

We challenge you to track your sun exposure!

We found our time in the sun added up fast! My co-worker, Kat, got nearly three hours of sun exposure just from a normal day at work. Thanks to my commute and a persistent puppy, I got more than 3 ½ hours. Of course, weekend exposure added up even faster. A DIY project added to my 4 ½ hours, while a trail run and brunch added to Kat’s 3 ½. That’s a lot of accidental sun exposure!

As the summer approaches, we offer you the same challenge: Track your time in the sun. Jot down every minute you’re in the rays, including time you’re exposed to the sun through a window, like when you’re in your car. We were surprised by how quickly it added up for us, and we think you might be, too. And while part of the exposure for both of us was filtered behind glass, 50 to 60-percent of the aging UVA rays make it through glass and onto your skin. [i]


What’s the lesson here?

Whether or not the sun is on your mind or in your schedule, it will make its way onto your skin—and the amount is significant! Since it happens to everyone and it adds up gradually, most people assume it’s just the normal aging process.

Happily, you can push the pause button on accelerated skin aging by simply wearing sunscreen! You can also undo sun damage without resorting to harsh chemicals or painful procedures. By deeply hydrating your skin and replacing the nutrients sun exposure can deplete, the skin can also start to heal itself. Goddess Garden’s Daily Facial Routine is designed to help you undo those minutes that add up by accident and leave a time stamp on your skin. Even better, you can avoid harsh chemicals and punishing procedures in the process.

Enjoy the sun again—worry free. We’ll help you look and feel great doing it!


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