GOODcoins—Because Good Deeds Should Be Rewarded

We’ve all heard the saying that no good deed goes unpunished. Isn’t it time to change that?

We think so, and we’ve partnered with a company that is doing just that! Meet Zerofootprint, a company that rewards your good deeds as a means to motivate and reinforce good choices. That’s the key to the program: choice.

We all make choices every day. Do we drive solo, carpool or ride a bike? Do we exercise for 30 minutes a day or do we veg on the couch instead? While these choices are often rewarded later in the form of good health for us and the planet, the time spent and the effort exerted are immediate, so many people opt out. That’s where Zerofootprint comes in. They reward these good decisions to make the payoff a little more immediate. Instant motivation—we love it!

And yes, Zerofootprint is a software company; that’s what makes it work. Everything can be monitored and tracked these days. Zerofootprint gathers data from things like sensors, databases, fitness devices or smart electronics to monitor and reward certain behaviors. Participants can pick and choose what’s monitored and, through daily actions and good choices, they earn and collect what’s called GOODcoins. These can be redeemed for products in the GOODcoins online shop. Or, if you want, you can even choose to donate your GOODcoins to charities from around the world.

Of course, all the items are hand-selected to be, well, good. That’s the point of all this, right? You’ve already done the hard work of making good choices, so they

make sure the only hard part of this is making your selection among the great products. All products in their shop must meet their strict criteria and align with these guiding principles:

  • To promote health and wellness
  • To reduce environmental impact
  • To promote social responsibility
  • To promote local production and enhance community relations

At Goddess Garden, we couldn’t agree more with these principles. That’s why it was an honor to be selected! We’re proud to have our products featured at GOODcoins so we can help a few more of those good deeds get rewarded. After all, you deserve it!

Check out their site to learn more, get involved and start earning. And look for our products at the GOODcoins Shop.

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