Goddess Garden Partners with EWG for Sun Safety Campaign

Goddess Garden is excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and its new Sun Safety Campaign: Practice Smart Sun™. An alarming number of Americans do not do enough to protect their skin from sun damage and prevent skin cancer. We hope to be a part of a large force to raise public awareness about the dangers of excessive sun exposure and provide practical guidelines for sun safe behavior.

“EWG is proud to be working side by side with companies at the front lines of a revolution in the sunscreen industry, making safer, healthier sun protection products, and who share our concern about the largely avoidable crisis of skin cancer,” says Ken Cook, EWG’s President. “This year, and in the years to come, our campaign aims for nothing less than a fundamental change in Americans’ attitudes and habits, so that the practice of ‘smart sun’ becomes as commonplace as buckling a seat belt.”

Summer after summer, this message about sun safety reaches consumers a little at a time, and some people have become numb to the repeated warnings. We want to be part of an effort to make the message more concentrated

and impactful, especially to younger generations who are more susceptible to sun damage and who have a chance to implement lifestyle changes that can follow them into adulthood. The campaign is about spreading well-backed information and easy and effective solutions to avoiding sun damage.

As a part of the Practice Smart Sun campaign, the EWG has launched the website ewg.org/sunsafety which provides helpful information about sun damage and how to live a sun safe lifestyle. The Practice Smart Sun  section of the website contain some really well put together information about daily sun safety tips, the effects of sun on aging and skin cancer, and how to pick a good sunscreen. We are especially happy that the site suggests choosing sunscreens without harmful oxybenzone and other endocrine disrupting chemicals.

One of the central messages the campaign is pushing is the visual image of what UV damage does to the skin. We are doing this by harnessing special UV images by Canfield Imaging Systems, which capture photos of skin damage normally invisible to the naked eye.

We believe these images speak volumes about the importance of overall skin health and might be what some people need to be convinced to take sun protection measures.

“As a mineral sunscreen company, we want people to enjoy the sun as safely as possible. Not only do we want to promote increased sunscreen usage, but we want people to become more aware of what they are putting on their skin,” remarked Nova Covington, founder and CEO of Goddess Garden. “We are excited to partner with the EWG on this initiative, and we very much look forward to promoting ‘sun safety’ and the advantages of mineral sunscreens.”

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