Give Chemicals the Bird!

Imagine there are two paths in front of you. Both lead to the same destination, but one is full of brambles and burrs that mar the landscape and will certainly tear at your skin. The other path is clear, lush and green, with an easy view to the end. Which one would you choose?

Before you overthink it, don’t worry. This isn’t a Robert Frost-style test of your endurance and determination (though, who doesn’t love “The Road Not Taken”?). We just really want to know which one you’d choose. The clear path wins, right? It’s in our nature to want to protect ourselves. So why is it that people still use harmful chemicals for sun protection when natural alternatives—with all the same benefits—exist? Maybe it’s because nature has been given a bad rap. Chemical sunscreens got a head start—sort of. The ancient Egyptians first used minerals and plant materials as a means of sun protection, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that people again turned to a topical solution to protect themselves from the sun. This time, however, chemicals that hadn’t been properly vetted were all the rage.

Modern science was making advances, and as a result, natural remedies fell out of favor. People thumbed their noses (or made a more familiar finger gesture) at natural products, and put their trust in science. That’s not to say science is bad thing. Science and discovery are important, but we can’t forget the bigger picture.

Chemical sunscreen makers saw a problem—sunburns—and tried to fix it. It’s pretty noble, except many of these chemicals are actually causing larger problems like hormone disruption and the destruction of coral reefs. The trouble resides in the fact that not everyone agrees on the same “problem.” When Nova created Goddess Garden, she was also looking to solve a problem. For Nova, her daughter’s skin reacted poorly to these conventional suncare products, so she made her own sunscreen that was free from the harsh chemicals that caused the reactions. Nova also cares deeply about protecting the environment, so the ingredients were biodegradable and as good for the earth as they are for the skin. These things were—and still are—essential to Nova, but some people may simply want a sunscreen that goes on as sheer as possible. Others may be concerned about having a reef-safe sunscreen, but only when they’re near the ocean. Still others might just want the sunscreen that’s easiest to apply.

Like our hypothetical path, not everyone is on the same one. That creates a challenge, but if a “path” exists that solves all of those problems, with none of those brambles and burrs to hinder the progress, doesn’t it makes sense to take it?

There are certainly dangers on this big blue planet of ours, but Mother Earth often provides the remedy. It’s her way of maintaining a balance. You just have to know where to look. Goddess Garden proves you don’t need chemical sunscreens, harmful preservatives or artificial fragrances to benefit. Neither does Mother Earth. Instead, we’ve taken all we’ve learned about sun protection and developed sunscreens that contain only minerals and gentle ingredients, so they’re good for us and the earth. They offer immediate protection from the sun, without irritating sensitive skin or causing health issues. They rub in sheer and are easy to apply. We even have an air-powered continuous spray!

Goddess Garden products solve problems without creating new ones. And since natural alternatives exist, it’s time to give chemicals the bird!

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