Give Chemicals the Bird: Now You Know

Sunscreen is actually pretty complicated. Who knew? Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t. I sunk my teeth into the slow food craze. I planted a garden. I avoided lots of treats. (I still miss the chemically liquid cheese that is nachos, but some things can’t be unremembered.) I paid attention. And then I grabbed whatever sunscreen I saw (when I even remembered it), and used it without another thought. Seriously, how embarrassing?

They say ignorance is bliss. This might be true for a little while (refer to said nachos), but the consequences are anything but bliss. The great thing about sunscreen is that it’s never too late to start using it, and perhaps even more importantly, it’s never too late to start using safer, mineral sunscreens.

Sunscreen Helps Prevent Skin Cancer and Could Even Fight It!

We all know sunscreen protects your skin and can help prevent skin cancer, but did you know it could possibly help reverse it? Australian researchers say they’ve found evidence that sunscreen lotions may help reverse the skin damage which is believed to trigger some cancers.

Subjects of a study were asked to use sunscreen on their hands, forearms, head and neck every morning. According to Dr. Sandra Thompson, from the Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research in Melbourne, at the end of the season-long study, the people who used the sunscreen had fewer new lesions and had more regression of old lesions.(i)

This is promising news, especially since wearing sunscreen is something many of us are already doing. Of course, this is not a substitute for proper medical treatment and isn’t a promise of a cure, but since it’s part of a good prevention plan, it’s certainly an added plus! And choosing a natural option that’s gentle on your skin will only help.

Ingredients that won’t cause more problems than they solve

I’m picking on nachos a bit—did I mention I still crave them?—but the ingredients in the sauce were many and foreign. I had no idea what was in it, although I remember seeing “cheese food” somewhere… It was the same with sunscreen. I didn’t have any idea what that stuff was, or worse, if it would have any side effects. Neither do most people. That’s why we want to help spread the word and get people to notice the ingredients in their sunscreen. Natural alternatives like Goddess Garden’s offer better sun protection with gentle ingredients and nourishing botanicals. Shea butter, coconut oil, red raspberry extract, green tea… sounds delicious, doesn’t it? It is. Your skin will lap it up!

If you care about what goes in your body, it only makes sense to care about what goes on your body, too. And now that you know the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens, we hope it can’t be unremembered either and that you, too, will give chemicals the bird!

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(i) Macey, R. (1993, October 15). Sunscreen may reverse skin damage – researcher. The Age (Melbourne, Australia) NEWS; Pg. 3

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