Give Chemicals the Bird — Fragrance

We touched on fragrance a little in a previous post, but most fragrances really stink when it comes to your health. It bears repeating that they’ve been linked to hormone disruption, reproductive problems(i) and even cancer!(ii)

Doesn’t the FDA protect us from chemicals?

The big problem comes from the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t really regulate the fragrance category. Companies have 3,100 stock chemicals at their fingertips to scent their products, and they are not required to list what those chemicals actually are.(iii) They can also contain additional chemical additives and scent enhancers like phthalates. That entire chemical cocktail can all be simply listed as “fragrance,” leaving even avid labels readers in the dark.

Fragrance ingredients are hidden for a reason

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics conducted a study that put common perfumes to the test. The study found the average fragrance contained 14 separate chemicals not listed on any label. Many of these chemicals have been associated with hormone disruptions and allergic reactions.(iv) Most air fresheners are guilty here, too, except they can also contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), benzene and formaldehyde.(v)Yuck!

There are natural fragrance options

Before you lament over the loss of something you like, take heart. There are natural alternatives that smell amazing and can even multi-task, just like you do! Essential oils are nature’s answer to modern fragrances. And to be fair, they were here first. Essential oils date all the way back to 3,500 B.C.!

In ancient times, essential oils were mainly used for medicinal purposes. The bonus was that they had a wonderful aroma. It was later discovered that essential oils could be used to affect mood since smell, mood and memory are all controlled by the same part of the brain. That’s why certain scents can trigger memories so quickly. It’s also the guiding science behind aromatherapy and why it works. What a concept! People can have perfumes and air fresheners made with something that was used historically for good health. That has to be better than a mist of toxic chemicals—without even getting into the oils’ constituents that make them work. There are also specific health benefits of essential oils that are still being studied, but if a proven track record says anything at all, their longevity alone makes a pretty valid argument.


Organic essentials oils—no compromise

We get it. everyone likes good aromas, it’s fun to wear perfumes and sometimes our homes need a little help. Pets, kids, last night’s dinner… it’s not always, well, rosy. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer a stench to enjoy good health. Goddess Garden offers a line of organic essential oils so you don’t have to comprise on the scents you crave. Use our Essential-Oil Perfumes or diffuse essential oils and use instead of air freshener. Last night’s dinner will be history and you’ll breathe easier—maybe even literally—and certainly with more peace of mind.

Scents should make sense. And they can. Simply choose organic essential oils and give chemicals the bird!

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