Get Rewarded for Being Good to Yourself and Mother Earth!

Happy 2016! Whether you make your resolutions “Facebook official” or keep them to yourself to allow some wiggle room, make sure your plans include treating yourself and Mother Earth well. A great first step is to incorporate more of the latter into the prior—for everything you do.

At Goddess Garden, we help people do that very thing by making sure all our decisions are good for our customers and the planet. It’s no surprise we like to work with companies like Hyde that have the same earth-friendly, sustainable values. Hyde is known for their comfy, eco-friendly organic-cotton clothing designed for yoga and real life. We’re working to take harsh chemicals out of everyone’s daily lives to make everyone more comfortable. It’s the perfect partnership! We both understand the value of gentle ingredients, but we both understand that life challenges sometimes hinder our good intentions. That’s why we both work hard to make better lifestyle choices easier and more accessible.

Our Partnership with Hyde

In 2016, we’re teaming up with Hyde to help people stress less and put more positivity into practice. We’re offering monthly subscription boxes that pair an aspiration with a mantra and tips for success, along with hand-selected essential oils to help you stay on track. This month, we’re focused on letting go, in an effort to clear the clutter in our minds and in our homes. At our office, we’re challenging our employees to give up things they no longer need and put them to good use. Hyde is planning to do that on a large scale by introducing a line of poly clothing made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. All our efforts make a difference, so we hope reducing, reusing, recycling and sharing are all part of your 2016 plan!

If starting or continuing yoga is also part of your plan—congratulations! Many of us struggle to stay active in the winter, and yoga spans all seasons. It can also help keep you grounded when a walk in the woods isn’t an option. You can even add a touch of the outdoors by using essential oils, that serve the dual role of helping you with your practice. For example, frankincense can slow your breath and make it easier to meditate. Peppermint can help you clear your mind and focus. Lavender can help you relax. Use all three together with our DIY mat spray recipe below:

DIY Yoga Mat Spray

3 drops lavender
1 drop frankincense
1 drop peppermint

Add to four ounces of purified water and spray directly on your yoga mat. You may also diffuse the blend into the room.

Ready to Get Started?

Goddess Garden and Hyde are here to help your motivation with a little incentive, each good through January 31, 2016!

This year, take care of yourself and the planet. Happy 2016!

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