Five Tips for Using Mineral Sunscreen

We’re just going to come right out and say it: mineral sunscreen is different in every way from its chemical counterparts. The obvious benefits are that the minerals are not absorbed, so they’re safe and gentle; they work immediately; they don’t breakdown in the sun; and they’re safe for the environment. Just like the benefits are different, so should be the way you use mineral sunscreen. There are some tricks to using mineral sunscreen, but you’ll soon become and pro and the payoff is worth it!

We provide sunscreen at a lot of events, so we’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe how people apply it. Having a sheer-mineral sunscreen is dependent on formulation, of course, but application also has a hand in how well it looks on your skin. Here are five tips for having a sheerly beautiful, more natural sunscreen experience.

Using mineral sunscreen

1. Begin with moisturized skin.

Because Goddess Garden sunscreens don’t contain synthetic spreading agents, our sunscreen lotions are a lot more nourishing. This is a good thing, but if your skin is very dry, it could drink in the lotion faster than you can spread the minerals, resulting in a whitening effect.

2. Start by using just a little sunscreen and then add more.

Since the minerals are designed to rest on the skin and reflect the UV rays, applying too much at a time could result in a ghost-like sheen. Most people don’t use enough sunscreen, which is another issue, but a light, even application of mineral sunscreen will provide sheer, yet powerful protection.

3. Cover small areas of your skin.

Because the lotion is what spreads the minerals, apply mineral sunscreen to small areas at a time so the lotion doesn’t soak in before you can get it rubbed on evenly.

4. If it’s white, you’re not finished.

If the minerals aren’t spread evenly and are allowed to dry white on your skin’s surface, they’ll stay white until you wash them off. If this happens, wipe the area with a wet cloth to remove the excess minerals, and re-apply sunscreen using the tips above.

5. Try our Facial Sunscreen.

If you have a darker skin tone, or if you’re still having trouble, you may want to try our Facial Sunscreen. It’s made with a unique polished zinc that creates fewer reflection points. The reflections can contribute to the whitening effect, so minimizing them will result in a sheerer look, while offering the same protection. While it’s designed to be a facial sunscreen, it’s perfectly safe to use everywhere. You’ll just get to enjoy some extra benefits, like immortelle essential oil, that your arms and legs are sure to love!

If you use our continuous sprays, check out this video for some extra tips to maximize their quick, easy convenience.

That’s how to have a safe and sheer experience with Goddess Garden Mineral Sunscreen. Now put these tips to the test and have some worry-free fun outdoors!

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