Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Every day we get to spend on this earth, we get to enjoy it and all it has to offer. And every day we should set aside a few minutes to look around and notice the beauty around us. The trees, the grass, the birds—even the fact that this earth keeps spinning—is a reason to pause and be appreciative for a moment.

We often take these things for granted, so every April 22nd, we have an official day to recognize Mother Earth. More than just a day of recognition, however, Earth Day began with a strong purpose.

In 1970, republicans and democrats, rich and poor, young and old—20 million of them—all took to the streets together to show their support for the Earth. According to the Earth Day Network, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, came up with the idea after seeing the damage done to the environment due to an oil spill near Santa Barbara, California. This was a time when people were using their voice, en masse, to be a force for change. Nelson felt he could channel that energy to create much-needed environmental awareness in the political sphere. And it worked. The first Earth Day paved the way for the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.

Now more than a billion people participate in Earth Day events across the globe every year. And while we only have one day a year set aside to celebrate the earth, this important day continues to have long-lasting impacts. It shows political leaders that we care about the earth and what is being done to it. It reminds all of us that we’re all just borrowing our space and we need to take care of it for the next generation. It reinforces the fact that when we work together, even small actions make a big difference. Hopefully, it also does a little to show that this planet of ours is really pretty amazing.

On April 22nd, we hope you’ll get outside in the sunshine and do something good for the earth. Get involved with an Earth Day event, plant a tree or a spice garden or simply choose products that use earth-friendly ingredients and packaging. Everyone and everything can make a difference. And Mother Earth will appreciate it. Happy Earth Day!

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