Essential Oils for Laughter and Levity!

We love to laugh! Anyone who has ever visited our office can attest to that. Maybe it’s because we’re fun-loving, sunshine-adoring people who are serious about skincare but not life. Or maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by essential oils. Likely it’s both! Certain essential oils can lift your spirits higher if you’re already happy and pull you out of a funk if you aren’t. Essential oils can trigger laughter and joy—two things that are always better in abundance. Keep reading to discover the best essential oils for laughter and levity!

“Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing.” – Jarod Kintz

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

This old proverb is filled with wisdom. Laughter reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, which ultimately improves our physical and mental health. Have you ever heard the phrase, “laugh it off?” According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can make it physically easier to deal with difficult situations and connect with people. Need some “comic relief?” Laughter even helps the body produce its own natural painkillers to help relieve pain. [i]

Lighten Up—Make it Your Mantra

Lighten up by lifting your body—on a trampoline! Mini trampolines are easy to find and affordable. Try jumping on one and NOT smiling. It’s impossible! If you need to ease into this slowly, just break into spontaneous interpretive dance. We bet you smiled just thinking about it! As adults, we’re often wary of feeling silly, but silliness brings out joy! Whether you jump up or boogie down, moving your body in a playful way is bound to add a little child-like happiness to your day.

Organic Essential Oils for Laughter

Need some extra help? We jump for joy over mandarin! Refreshing and inspiring, mandarin’s sweet, citrusy scent can bring about feelings of good cheer, while reducing stress and anxiety. Mandarins have been cultivated in China since the 12th century B.C. where they are still considered to be good luck. And luckily, they blend beautifully with these other oils that help deliver joy!

  •         Lime –alertness & assertiveness
  •         Blood Orange –joy & confidence
  •         Vanilla –joy & calm

Happiness Blend #1

Happiness Blend #2

Mandarin’s ability to reduce anxiety makes it easier to cast away hesitation and do something that makes you smile. Start your day by diffusing mandarin. Then make a funny face in the mirror and have a happy day!

essential oil for laughter and levity

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