Basil — The Basis for Building Good Habits

Basil can help you build good habits. Why? Because it helps clear the thoughts that otherwise disrupt your focus. Until a task becomes routine, you have to focus to get through it. And while routine can seem mundane, structure is really good for us! Think of it like a dance. Without practicing a routine, you’d get on stage and flounder. The same is true for the dance of life. If you choreograph good habits into your daily routine, you don’t have to put conscious thought into them. This frees your mind to conquer the world—or at least your next project—and the things you really want to do can take center stage!

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” – Benjamin Franklin

Take baby steps

This month, instead of procrastinating tasks like cleaning, focus on something that seems to take up a lot of your weekend time. Do a little everyday so you don’t have to dwell on it at the end of the week. Then, pick something you really want to do, like working out or taking a class. Schedule it in and make that part of your new routine. At the end of the day, cross it all off your list to trigger the reward center of your brain!

Essential Oils for Purposefulness and Assertiveness

After 4,000 years of trusted use, sweet basil is still favored for its ability to lift the spirit, refresh the mind and aid in concentration. After a long day, the couch is pretty tempting, but chipping away at tasks will make life easier. And finding time you didn’t think you had to dedicate to a hobby or a workout will feel better in the long run. Basil’s extra lift may be just the thing to lift you off the couch and keep you on your toes!

A bit about basil

The basil leaves and flowering tops are steam distilled to garner the sweet, herbal scent that is thought to reduce agitation and insomnia. Use the oil to help you stay on track to until your new routine becomes a good habit. If you tend to lose focus, doubt yourself or struggle to commit, these supporting oils will make sure you stay in step long enough to master your goals!

Purpose Blend #1

Purpose Blend #2

As you establish new patterns, it’s important to stay structured and stick with the plan. With any new routine, there will likely be stumbles, but a bit of basil will help you get though the dance of life a little easier.

essential oils for good habits - basil

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