A Dozen Scary Facts About Chemical Sunscreens

You’ve probably all heard about the dirty dozen when it comes to food. Apples, for example, are on the list. Since an apple contains only one ingredient, listing it is pretty straightforward. For skincare it’s a little harder because the ingredient lists are more complicated. To help you out, here are a dozen scary facts about chemical sunscreens you can keep in mind (and hopefully share!) when looking for sun care.

Sun Care Shouldn’t Be Sun Scare!

A day outdoors shouldn’t be scary unless purposeful adrenaline is involved. (Skydivers and rock climbers: zero judgement here.) The good news is you don’t have to choose between slathering on toxins or suffering a burn. Mineral sunscreens like Goddess Garden’s don’t have any of those problems because they’re designed to be good for people and the planet. Save yourself a dozen worries and enjoy the sun again!

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