A Daughter’s Story: An Auto-immune Disorder and Sunscreen (Guest Post)

When we created Goddess Garden, Founders Nova and Paul were trying to help their baby daughter, whose skin was sensitive to the harsh chemicals in skincare products. Through the years, we’ve heard from many people who were not previously able to use sunscreen due to similar sensitivities. One story in particular, really stood out. Instead of a mom helping her daughter, in this case a daughter helped her mom, who suffered from an auto-immune disorder that was made worse by sun exposure. We were touched by this story, so we’re sharing it in case it helps anyone else battling an autoimmune disorder or suffering from extremely sensitive skin.

Helping My Mom Enjoy the Sun – Lisa Newcomb’s Story

About a year ago, my mom was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. One of her most bothersome symptoms was a pretty extensive rash whenever she went out into the sun. We assumed the sun exposure was the only thing contributing to the rash. About a month ago, I had a thought, and asked her what sunscreen she was using. It turned out to be a sunscreen filled with many chemicals.

Maybe it’s the sunscreen, not the sun

This made me think—maybe it is the sunscreen, not the sun, that’s causing her reactions. So, I gave her a bottle of Goddess Garden, and we are both amazed at the results! She has spent the last few weeks by the Bay, with many hours outside. Her rashes have diminished dramatically, having many days without any rash at all. Also, she found that Goddess Garden is creamy and goes on smoothly, unlike some of the other natural products that are thick and goopy. She is SO delighted and we are very grateful for your awesome product!

– Lisa Newcomb

Do you have a story to tell?

Lisa’s story is the reason we keep doing what we do. We’re inspired by our fans, and we’ll always work to provide ways to help them get out and enjoy the sun with less worry. Do you have a story to tell? Share it with us!


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