We’re Proud to Be a Certified B Corporation!

We are among 1,550 certified B Corporations who all have one unifying goal: To redefine success in business!

When Goddess Garden first started, we were simply trying to solve a problem. What we ended up doing was changing everything. We had to start from scratch and turn to nature to find great ingredients that were safe for us and the planet. We became the change we were seeking.

Fast forward a decade later. We’re still making waves, and doing all we can to help the waves—and the important life that lives within them. Some might ask if that’s the most profitable thing to do. To that we might say, how do you measure profit?

We look at the big picture. Is it good for us? Is it good for the planet? Founders Nova and Paul grew up with a strong appreciation for nature. They built Goddess Garden as a way to let people get outside and enjoy the world around them. B Corp sees things the same way, and helps businesses compete in a world where profit is most often driven only by the dollar.

B Corp helps businesses that are doing the right thing. They do this by carefully vetting businesses, and ensuring sustainable practices are maintained by making it a legal requirement. Then they let consumers know who those businesses are.

To be considered as a B Corp, we had to complete a rigorous assessment about our business, including our mission, business model, community involvement, employee benefits, diversity and environmentally-friendly practices.

B Corps meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. We’re thrilled to be among this great group of companies who are doing things right!

Check out the video to learn how B Corps are making a difference.