Aromatherapy Accessories: Oils and Stones and Symbols—Oh My!

There are lots of ways to boost your mood: Take a walk in the sun, snuggle a puppy, do something kind for a stranger and note the response. These are all wonderful ways to lift your spirits, but what if your to-do list outnumbers the hours in your day? You can take matters into your own hands (or around your wrist) and boost your mood—anytime—with aromatherapy accessories that feature energetic stones.

Mood isn’t set in stone—change it with aromatherapy accessories!

We combined energetic stones, with coordinating essential oil blends and symbolic charms to help you elevate your mood. The Aromatherapy Bracelet Blends were carefully crafted to work specifically with the Aromatherapy Bracelets, and come in a custom bottle that delivers the precise amount of oil. The corresponding symbolic charms help you visualize your intention and keep your energy focused on the positive—which also lifts your mood! Learn more about how aromatherapy accessories work.

What are energetic stones?

It’s a scientific fact that all things on Earth, including rocks, emit energy.[i] Using stones and crystals is even considered an alternative medical treatment for diseases in a practice called crystal healing. Proponents of crystal healing state some crystals and stones allow healing energy to flow into the body and cause negative energy to exit. Opponents to the practice often say the “lift” patients feel can be attributed to a placebo effect. There is even a third theory that wearing a stone can lift your spirits because of the reaction it garners from others. For example, if you wear a pretty stone necklace and receive compliments, you associate those good words and feelings with that necklace. The next time you wear it, you remember and feel better just by wearing it.

Which theory is right?

We suggest maybe saving the specifics for your next dinner-party debate. For now, all that really matters is that all three theories result in a mood lift. And because stones emit energy, why not use that energy to boost your own and enhance your mood?

Mood-enhancing stones and their meanings

Feeling stressed? Most of us can use a little more serenity. Do you ever feel like your get-up-and-go got up and went? Maybe perseverance will help you get through the tough tasks. Perhaps you’re stuck in a routine and need the ambition to take on a project, learn a new skill or even start that exercise program. We hand-selected the stones on our bracelets to help with these common aspirations.

Lava rock: These are used on all our bracelets. Because lava rocks come from the center of the Earth, they are grounding and balancing, adding spark to those who need it, while calming people with too much fire. They also synergistically support and enhance the energetic properties of other stones. Physically, lava rock are uniquely porous, so they capture and carry the Bracelet Blend oils, releasing the scent throughout the day. This allows the bracelets to act like little mobile diffusers for on-the-go aromatherapy.

Turquoise and Blue Jasper: Featured on our Serenity Bracelet, these soothing stones quiet the mind and inspire harmony and inner peace.

Howlite: Featured on our Ambition Bracelet, enlightening howlite boosts positive traits and powers the will to achieve greatness.

Unakite: Featured on our Perseverance Bracelet, grounding unakite relieves stress while encouraging persistence and resilience.

essential oil blends and stones

Symbolic charms represent intentions

Have you ever heard about the rubberband theory? This suggests wearing a rubberband on your wrist. Every time you have a negative thought, give yourself a little “snap” to acknowledge the thought and let it go. The charms on our Aromatherapy Bracelets work in a similar way, but without all that pesky “snapping.” When your train of thought derails your intentions, simply look at the symbol on your wrist to get back on track!

Hamsa Hand: The spiritual symbol of faith and protection, the Hamsa hand is said to draw happiness, luck and good fortune. This symbol is featured on our Serenity Bracelet. When you see the Hamsa Hand, pause your thoughts and take a moment of serenity.

Hummingbird: Playful, optimistic and capable of great feats, the hummingbird symbolizes flexibility and adaptability. This symbol is featured on our Ambition Bracelet. When you see the hummingbird, let good thoughts take flight, knowing you are capable of great feats.

Elephants: Gentle and wise, these creates embody physical and mental strength, and are a symbol of good luck. This symbol is featured on our Perseverance Bracelet. When you see the elephants, remember that you have the ability to power through and persevere.

Essential oil blends—bottled happiness!

Essential oils have been proven to affect mood.[ii] That’s why we wanted to mobilize them so you can use them anywhere! Our therapeutic essential-oil blends are paired with a small amount of organic jojoba oil, so they’re gentle enough to reapply anytime your mood needs a lift. Each blend was created specifically for use on the bracelets and are designed to coordinate with all the other stones and blends.

Brain Boost: Uplifting organic essential oils like lemon and rosemary revive your energy and help keep you on task. Try it with our Ambition Bracelet.

Grounding: Featuring certified-organic essential oils like vetiver, patchouli and lavender, our unique blend will help you stay calm and grounded. Try it with our Perseverance Bracelet.

Happy Day: Lift your spirits with our happiness-boosting essential oil blend, featuring certified-organic citrus oils like bergamot and grapefruit. Try it with our Ambition Bracelet.

Pick-Me-Up: Featuring organic peppermint, grapefruit and orange essential oils, it can lift your spirits and help you focus to achieve your goals. Try it with our Perseverance Bracelet.

Take 5: Calming and relaxing oils relieve stress, while a boost of organic orange essential oil refreshes and energizes your mind and body. Try it with our Serenity Bracelet.

The fun thing about the line is that you can’t go wrong! Wear one, two or all three bracelets together. Mix up the blends and wear in any combination. Our inner nerd is showing, but we did the math and our bracelets and blends provide 186 different ways to elevate and enhance your mood. Mix it up, be creative and have fun!

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[i] Ogawa, Toshio, et al. “Electromagnetic Radiations from Rocks.” Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 90, no. D4, 30 June 1985, pp. 6245–6249., doi:10.1029/JD090iD04p06245.







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