Our Team

Part-time student. Part-time Goddess Garden science wiz. She knows her stuff, and she can show you just how many nanometers are in our zinc and titanium as quickly as she can coordinate her shirt with her shoes. Apparently, she loves her school textbooks and her cat, but don’t try putting any chemical sunscreens in our formula or she just might have to use her black belt!

Amy’s a New England native who has moved to Boulder not once but twice (we can’t blame her!). She claims to not be “fun,” but don’t let her fool you. She loves hitting the slopes almost as much as she loves her little pup Cash, who apparently isn’t named after Johnny Cash. This former smiling Whole Foods employee is now one of the happy voices you just might hear if you call us up.

Picture yourself stuck in the middle of a driving rainstorm, desperate for help from anyone, anything. Suddenly, a white unicorn emerges over the crest of the nearby hill coming to wisp you away. Wait! No! It’s Brittany spreading rainbows and butterflies wherever she goes. You are saved! But Brittany is more than rainbows and butterflies—she spreads good cheer by ensuring our products are top-notch for you and all the unicorns in your life.

Dan the Finance Man. Dan the Hipster Hair Man. Dan the Buy Plan Man. Dan the Almost As Cool Socks As Garrett Man. Dan goes by many names at Goddess Garden, and thankfully, those names all rhyme with “Dan.” We’re not sure what we’d call him if he went by Daniel. Dan keeps us in line and on track and has a penchant for log cabin décor in his workspace. He would probably bring his CUTE kitty kats into work if he could, but we only have room for one Kat in our office.

David makes a mean doughnut. We’re not kidding. He’s a foodie, and he oftentimes shares his love of making food by giving us food here at Goddess Garden. Delish. He does spot on impressions, is a king of marketing and business strategy, and he was employee number one at LARABAR. David loves helping other companies in the natural products industry and is just an all-around nice guy. Did we mention he used to work at LARABAR?

Ellen gets it done. With everything from making sure we have ingredients to make our sunscreen to making sure that her youngest son gets to hockey practice on time, she makes things happen. She discovered Goddess Garden in true Goddess Garden fashion—by meeting Nova in yoga class. Oh, and she also used to work directly with Steve Jobs. She’ll never volunteer that information, but you heard it here first.

Perhaps the most in shape person on our team, Flor goes to the gym more times a week than you have meals in a day. Flor is a true veteran of our humble sunscreen team and has been with Goddess Garden for over five years. She loves being outside especially if it involves barbecuing.

Another veteran of the Goddess Garden manufacturing team, Gabi might seem quiet on the outside, but she likes to chat it up! Gabi loves getting outside for a walk or just spending some quality time in the park. She’s even been known to run into Veronica while shopping in the bustling metropolis that is Longmont, Colorado.

Known by many in the greater Atlanta area as “the Sudstress,” Kat makes soap. She makes soap that smells REALLY good. Also, it doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients, so she was a natural fit for the Goddess Garden team. Kat’s a recovering MBA student, and almost daily she somehow does a yeoman’s job of hurdling Boulder’s flatirons, work, and explaining her HILARIOUS jokes. Also, her impression of Christopher Walken is on fleek.

Laura isn’t your typical customer service master. She’s a customer service master that lives in Colorado, and loves everything that comes with it. Hiking, cross country skiing (NOT snowboarding of course), being outside, and of course playing a mean ukulele. Word on the street is that she can crochet a killer scarf, but Laura doesn’t hoard these scarves to herself. She gives them away. Because awesome.

Have you ever alphabetized or color coded anything? Yeah. Lindsey invented that. Have you seen a cliff before? Yeah. That cliff. Lindsey has climbed it. Also, she’s climbed that other cliff too. When it’s cold out, cliff scaling takes a back seat to yeti finding. Past that, Lindsey finds her bliss designing Goddess Garden’s primo packaging. Yeah. That packaging.

Merrilinne is an incredible accountant who you would never expect to be the biggest BA dare devil on this pale blue dot known as planet earth. If someone speeds pass you on a moped on the highway in a thunderstorm, chances are it’s Merrilinne. She’s fast, efficient, and she has an uncanny ability to anticipate other people’s needs. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to anticipate the location of the police who have given her multiple speeding tickets…

Our fearless leader, Nova, hails from the Pacific Northwest where she grew a deep appreciation of the wilderness. That appreciation eventually grew into Goddess Garden after a foray into corporate America. When the door opens at Goddess Garden and the sound of a rolling backpack hits our ears, we always know that Nova is in the building. She can often be found taking care of her two daughters, doing yoga, and, of course, enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado.

From senior manager in corporate America to Goddess Garden’s chief scientist/formulator/number cruncher/marketing guy, Paul does it all. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest just like his wife, Nova, who you may have heard of. While growing up, Paul enjoyed picking raspberries and being all around rambunctious. Today, Paul can be found enjoying time with his family and trying not to break his wrist while mountain biking.

Their was only one choice to add another person to the Goddess Garden marketing team;  Shannon. We know what your thinking, “Whys she so special? She can’t be better than my smart friend and I.” Well, Goddess Garden web reader, Shannon just has a positive affect on people (i.e. she grows tomatos in her cubicle, she has cold hands but a warm heart, and she use to work at Chipotle). Although she doesn’t like the Oxford comma, were OK with that. She has great house remodeling skills and is better then most people at spotting extra spaces in our marketing   copy.

Affectionately called la jefe by Nova, Veronica has the longest tenure of just about anyone at Goddess Garden save our founders. She’s got an uncanny eye for detail, has an infectious laugh, and enjoys spending time outside. Going to the park. Check. Cleaning her yard check. And, of course, shopping.

On her first day at Goddess Garden, Vickey marveled the team by reciting all the digits of pi forward and backward. Plus, she simultaneously coordinated her entire outfit with EVERYONE in the office. No joke. This soft-spoken wonder is one of the cheeriest sunbeams you will ever meet, she loves all the colors, and boy is she good at crunching the numbers.