Testing. We're an open book. We have nothing to hide.


Beyond being organic, our oils are therapeutic grade and rigorously tested for potency, freshness and purity. The chemical constituents are measured to ensure our oils reach or exceed the optimum levels. Think of it as a potency test. The chemical constituents are what give our oils their therapeutic properties. This means our essential oils smell wonderful and they work!


We test for oxidation to help ensure our oils are fresh and effective. Oxidation can hinder an oil’s potency over time, so we add a tiny amount of organic rosemary extract to maximize these precious oils—and their benefits—and lengthen shelf life. Nature helps nature, and this lets us (and you) safely avoid synthetic chemicals.


We do multiple tests to guarantee purity and ensure the oils have not been altered. One way to test is by weight using a procedure called “Specific Gravity.” Each oil’s constituents naturally have specific and predictable weights. If the oil is pure oil, the test will show it.

A test called “Optical Rotation” also checks for purity. The constituents in each oil uniquely bend rotating light in a predictable way. When a beam of plane-polarized light encounters a molecule of the oil, its plane may be rotated by a certain amount. The rotation will be different if the oil is altered, so the test will show if the oil is pure.

A third test called the “Refractive Index,” determines how much light is bent (refracted) when entering the oil. The constituents in each oil have predictable effects on the speed and angle of light that is reflected through them. If the test results are in that range, we know an oil is pure.

Our therapeutic grade essential oils are organic and pure. Nature wrote a great story. There’s no reason to re-write it.