Starting with the first batch of sunscreen mixed in the family kitchen, our skincare products use all natural ingredients to protect the skin and feed it the nourishment it needs. Because every ingredient comes from nature, all our organic skincare products are safe for people and the planet. And if you’re wondering about those long names in parenthesis after some ingredients, don’t worry! They’re based on the ingredient’s scientific name and are required on cosmetic packaging. We included them so you know what to look for.

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the letter x

Xanthan Gum

Used as a suspending and dispersing agent, xanthan gum gives both of our cleansers, plus our Dream Repair and Face the Day their creamy, silky texture. The xanthan gum we use is a natural product, fermented from wheat or soy. For those with allergy concerns, our supplier has tested for both of those specific allergens and none remain after processing.

EWG Rating = 1

xanthan gum