Most sunscreens have one of the sunscreen ingredients below

According to the EWG, Oxybenzone has moderate concerns as a hormone distruptor. It also “contaminates the bodies of 97% of Americans according to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (Source – EWG). “Oxybenzone is even more strongly estrogenic than BPA” according to researcher Kurunthachalam Kannan, PhD, a professor of public health with the New York State Department of Health (Source – WebMD)

Octinoxate is commonly found in many sunscreens that claim to be “natural.” According to the EWG, Octinoxate “is shown to have hormone-mimicking effects on laboratory animals. This chemical is found in humans, including mothers’ milk samples” (Source – EWG). Octinoxate also has been shown to bleach coral reefs even at low concentrations (Source – Environmental Health Perspectives).

How does Goddess Garden Rank on the EWG?

Goddess Garden’s lotions all have an EWG rating of 1, which is the lowest hazard by the EWG’s standards (See ratings here). Our sunscreens all use zinc and titanium as active ingredients, both of which are naturally occurring minerals. The rest of our formulas are supplemented with safe natural ingredients like sunflower and lavender.

Goddess Garden sprays have an EWG rating of 3, which is the highest rating of similar product on the EWG. We don’t agree with the EWG’s rating of our sprays since the nature of our sprays is much different than those commonly found on the market. Read our entire explanation here.

The EWG on Natural vs. Chemical Sunscreens

“Consumers who use sunscreens without zinc and titanium are likely exposed to more UV radiation and greater numbers of hazardous ingredients than consumers relying on zinc and titanium products for sun protection.” “Consumers…would be exposed to an average of 20% more UVA radiation —with increased risks for UVA-induced skin damage, premature aging, wrinkling, and UV-induced immune system damage —than consumers using zinc-and titanium-based products.” “Sunscreens without zinc or titanium contain an average of 4 times as many high hazard ingredients known or strongly suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, disrupt human reproduction, damage the growing brain of a child” [Sunscreens without zinc or titanium]

also contain more toxins on average in every major category of health harm considered: cancer ~ 10% more birth, defects and reproductive harm ~40% more, neurotoxins ~ 20% more, endocrine system disruptors ~70% more, chemicals that can damage the immune system ~70% more.”