10 Things Goddess Garden Will Never Change

Over the years, we’ve changed a lot. We simplified our product line to focus on mineral sun-care products. We moved out of the family basement into our own facility. We added more team members and became a much larger “we.” We jumped country boundaries and began selling our products in Canada. We’ve completely changed our look.

We’ve changed a lot, but we’ve also stayed the same. At the core of who we are, we’re still the same people, with the same values, making great skincare products. And we all still keep in mind the little girl with sensitive skin who inspired Nova, the co-founder and mother of that little girl, to take action. We’re bigger—yes—but that just means we’re better able to do what we’ve always done. Now we can just do it for more people.

Goddess Garden uses minerals which reflect the sun’s rays, rather than chemical sunscreens. These are great for sensitive skin since they aren’t absorbed. The non-active ingredients include nourishing shea butter, skin-soothing coconut oil and aloe vera gel to soothe. And we never use artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Our products are made with non-nano titanium and zinc. As opposed to chemical sunscreens, which require a chemical reaction to work, these minerals are immediately effective. They also offer broad-spectrum protection from both UVB rays, the rays which can cause burns, and UVA rays, the rays which can cause premature skin aging and skin cancer.

We believe the best solutions are natural. Our products come in recyclable packaging and are free from chemicals that contribute to early aging and other health issues. This also makes them completely reef safe! The minerals come straight from the earth and, at the end of the day, they will go safely back to it. Many people have sensitive skin, but so does Mother Nature. We will always do our best to protect both.

The ingredients that go inside our sunscreen are our top priority, so it only makes sense that we care about where they are coming from. We source them carefully and ethically, using organic ingredients and sourcing within the U.S. whenever we can. We also take it a step further to support small family farms when possible!

We want people to enjoy nature, so we will work to protect it! Our energy comes from wind power and we employ practices in our manufacturing that reduce the amount we use. Our packaging is recyclable, too, which is rare in the skincare industry. We also know that we’re not perfect, so we always look for ways to improve and reduce our footprint.

Goddess Garden is made up of people—real people—people who support various groups, have kids in organizations and are involved in their communities. We know these things are important and we’ll always do our best to help. Whether this means giving contributions to large organizations like The Whale Trail, The Nature Conservancy or the Environmental Working Group (EWG), or donating to local charities and organizations, we want to make a positive difference.

Our first “customer” was Nova’s daughter, and we still treat all our customers like family. We want to give them only the best, and we embrace change if it makes our products even better!

We have a 100-percent happy customer policy. If something isn’t right, we’ll fix it. If you have a question, we’ll help you out. There have always been people on the other end of the phone or keyboard and there will always be people here if you need us.

People are always learning. At one time, a “healthy tan” was the thing to achieve. Later, people protected themselves from burns, but not the aging and skin-damaging UVA rays. We know it can be hard to keep up with everything. That’s why we do the hard work for you and make sure our products have you covered. We will also always create safe and effective products that you can trust to protect your family during a day in the sun or give you the skincare results you want in a more natural way.

Not everyone has the time to research every ingredient or make their own products at home. And most people want a day in the sun to be, well, a fun day in the sun. Nova had a strong motivation, her daughter’s sensitive skin, but decided others could benefit as well. All our products are designed with that early motivation in mind, and everything we make is something we would—and do—use on our own families.

Co-founders and parents Nova and Paul, have always had a huge amount of respect for nature and everything in it. Goddess Garden, no matter how it changes over the years, will never change that. Instead, Goddess Garden helps everyone enjoy the great outdoors a little more worry free. And we’ll always do whatever we can to help protect the great outdoors and help everyone get outside and discover why it’s so great!

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