Safely Soak Up the Sun

We believe everyone deserves the chance to spend a little more time outside, that even a few extra minutes outdoors does an immeasurable amount of good for the soul. Our natural sunscreen products allow you to get a dose of vitamin D without chemicals or compromise. Go out and shine on!

Thoughts from the Garden

Give Chemicals the Bird—Solubilizers and Emulsifiers

Solubilizers and emulsifiers sound like something from a chemistry class, but they just help things dissolve or mix together. Like a lot of things, there are safe, natural options if you know what to look for. And once you know, you can give chemicals the bird!

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Give Chemicals the Bird: Phthalates

Phthalates appear in many skincare products because they boost fragrance. They also cause health problems which is why Goddess Garden will never use them!

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Give Chemicals the Bird: Preservatives

Parabens are an inexpensive preservative with a steep price tag in terms of health consequences—and just another reason to give chemicals the bird!

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