Safely Soak Up the Sun

We believe everyone deserves the chance to spend a little more time outside, that even a few extra minutes outdoors does an immeasurable amount of good for the soul. Our natural sunscreen products allow you to get a dose of vitamin D without chemicals or compromise. Go out and shine on!

Thoughts from the Garden

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Every day we get to spend on this earth, we get to enjoy it and all it has to offer. And every day we should set aside a few minutes to appreciate it.


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Dollars and Sense–The Real Cost of Sunscreen

Dollar for dollar, the cheapest sunscreen isn’t necessarily a bargain in the long run. By going with the cheapest sunscreen, we know cost savings is a benefit, but what are you losing, damaging or giving up in order to get it?


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10 Things Goddess Garden Will Never Change

Over the years, we’ve changed a lot. We've moved, we've grown and we've even changed our look. Rest assured, no matter what changes, at the core of who we are, we’re still the same people, with the same values, making great skincare products. And that will never change!



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