Safely Soak Up the Sun

We believe everyone deserves the chance to spend a little more time outside, that even a few extra minutes outdoors does an immeasurable amount of good for the soul. Our natural sunscreen products allow you to get a dose of vitamin D without chemicals or compromise. Go out and shine on!

Thoughts from the Garden

Give Chemicals the Bird!

Goddess Garden products prove you don’t need chemical sunscreens, synthetic preservatives or artificial fragrances. Neither does Mother Earth. And since natural alternatives exist, it’s time to give chemicals the bird!

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Four Reasons to “Unplug” so You Can “Recharge”

We all love our smart phones and tablets, but here are four reasons your health and happiness can only be fully recharged by “unplugging.”

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Has It Really Been Ten Years?

Ten years ago, two parents in a Vanagon full of natural products made the winding trek to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. What came back was a company: Goddess Garden.

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